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    23 October 2023

    Threats to election officials and voting machines in California are likely to increase leading up to and during 2024 US elections

    Logically identified two (2) trends that indicate this future potential increase in threats using Logically Intelligence®, open-source intelligence techniques, and subject matter expertise: 1. Election official intimidation 2. Organization against the use of voting machines

    20 October 2023

    Network of Coordinated Inauthentic X (formerly Twitter) Accounts Promote Argentine Candidate After Presidential Debate

    As Argentina’s October 22nd presidential election approaches, candidates are making their final cases to the public. In the second presidential debate, the five remaining candidates exchanged barbs and promoted new policy proposals.

    20 September 2023

    Russia amplifies anti-France narratives following coups in Niger and Gabon

    Logically identified Russian Telegram channels spreading anti-France narratives following coups in Niger and Gabon this summer. The research has been covered by The Guardian.

    14 September 2023

    Supporting Election Integrity

    Logically has worked as a globally trusted partner on threats stemming from mis-and-disinformation related to election integrity since 2019. This comprehensive overview outlines when, how, and where Logically has worked to promote election integrity.

    5 September 2023

    Chinese campaign targets Japan’s release of treated nuclear wastewater

    Logically identified coordinated Chinese state-sponsored narratives driving negative public opinion against the Fukushima Daiichi wastewater release. The research has been covered by The New York Times, the BBC, The Guardian, and Bloomberg.

    29 August 2023

    Chinese Influence Operations Exploit India’s Domestic Vulnerabilities

    Logically analyzed China's propaganda and disinformation response related to domestic incidents in India, including the Odisha train crash, the Bihar bridge collapse, the Manipur riots, the Indian response to the change of names of places in Arunachal Pradesh, and the eviction of Chinese journalists from India.

    25 August 2023

    Argentine Elections: Coordinated and Inauthentic Online Networks Promote Voter Absenteeism

    Logically used its proprietary open-source intelligence platform Logically Intelligence (LI) and coordinated inauthentic behavior (CIB) detection model to identify and analyze two online narratives that could result in decreased voter participation in the Argentine election.

    27 July 2023

    Testing Multimodal Generative AI: Generating Election Mis-and-Disinformation Evidence

    Logically tested three image-based generative AI platforms to see if they would produce evidence of elections mis-and-disinformation narratives in the US, UK, and India, and found that more than 85% of prompts were accepted.

    17 July 2023

    China’s Propaganda and Disinformation Response to International Opinion: UNHCR Report on Xinjiang

    Logically identified a network of Chinese Government officials and pro-China accounts leveraging social media platforms to push pro-Xinjiang and anti-West propaganda in an attempt to delegitimize the findings of an investigation conducted by the United Nations on human rights violations in Xinjiang.

    6 June 2023

    India’s neighbors are using the Khalistan movement to fuel separatist narratives

    Recent developments surrounding the Khalistan movement are also trending in the neighboring countries of Pakistan and Bangladesh. The online discourse presents India as anti-minorities and many posts contain a strong pro-Khalistan sentiment.

    14 April 2023

    Russian Disinformation March 2023 Overview

    This report is a round-up of Logically’s March findings related to the top Russian misinformation, disinformation, and malinformation (MDM) narratives associated with Russian state owned or aligned social media accounts.

    29 March 2023

    Demands for Khalistan and Tamil Eelam Flourish Online Amid Protests and Referendums

    A Logically investigation into the online information environments surrounding Khalistan and Tamil Eelam separatist movements found evidence of early stage collaboration between the two groups, as well as the use of targeted hashtags to promote the movements.

    20 March 2023

    The Popular Front’s Online Narratives Attempting to Radicalise Indian Muslims

    A Logically assessment of the online presence of the Popular Front of India has found potential long-term threats to Indian national security and civil society, including support from international terrorist organizations.

    15 March 2023

    Download the War on Fakes Investigation

    Logically has attributed the popular Russian "fact-checking" website and Telegram account "War on Fakes" to a presenter on Russia’s biggest propaganda show: Solovyov Live.

    15 March 2023

    Download the Popular Front of India Overview

    In September 2022, India banned the Popular Front of India (PFI), but analysis reveals the ban may have stoked support from radical organizations abroad.

    3 March 2023

    Download the Russian Disinformation February 2023 Overview

    This report is a round-up of Logically’s February findings related to the top Russian misinformation, disinformation, and malinformation (MDM) narratives associated with Russian state owned or aligned social media accounts.

    2 March 2023

    Nigerian election results cause opposition and calls for resistance on Twitter

    Since March 2 2023, users online have called for resistance to the election of Bola Tinubu, due to his not winning a majority of the popular vote in the Nigerian elections.

    24 February 2023

    How Russian Narratives About Ukraine Have Resonated in English-language

    With the one-year anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine approaching, Logically set out to assess the context behind three major narratives promoted by Russian propaganda and disinformation outlets, as well as the volume of online mentions in English-language related to said narratives.

    21 February 2023

    The 2022 US Midterms Retrospective

    Logically conducted a review of work done before, during and after the 2022 U.S. Midterm Elections, particularly related to reporting associated with potential mis, dis, and malinformation (MDM) and threats to life of election officials.

    9 February 2023

    Russian Disinformation Narratives January 2023

    Access the Logically analytical report discussing the main Russian disinformation narratives from January 2023.

    1 February 2023

    Kremlin-Tied Propagandists Spearhead New Influence Operations

    Luc Michel’s Latest Endeavors Target French-Speakers as Well as Cities in the US