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Digital platforms

Supporting Trust and Safety measures by reducing inaccurate or misleading information online

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Social media platforms and digital messaging services face constant scrutiny from regulatory agencies worldwide, whilst trying to maintain positive relationships with consumers and advertisers. At Logically, we combine cutting-edge machine learning tools with human intelligence to detect, verify, and counter misleading or deceptive information online.

Defend against misinformation

Trust our experts to enhance your platform's defense against deceptive content with the following:

  • AI for Custom Threat Detection in target markets such as elections, public safety, platforms and law enforcement
  • Misleading Information Analytics across diverse levels (Actor, Behaviour, Content, Domain and Network) leveraging predictive and Generative AI
  • AI safety to defend LLMs against mis/disinformation threats
  • Incident investigation provides scenario data, digital footprint analysis, content verification, timeline reconstruction, and threat assessment
  • Alerts, reports and machine-readable datasheets on emergent narratives on and off-platform so trust & safety teams can mitigate online harms
  • Signal extraction at actor, behaviour, domain, and network level to quantify the impact and likelihood of risks

Get the facts, checked

Fact-checking services provide trust and safety teams with flexible coverage of topics, language and regions responsive to user needs as well as society at large across a global footprint, especially during emerging crises and high-risk events such as elections or government summits.