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Logically delivers actionable insights via a world-class Intelligence team utilising a combination of Logically Intelligence® and other OSINT tools. Gain expert insights into key issues and informed recommendations with timely, relevant, and tailored intelligence reporting

How we work

Regional intelligence

Work with our multilingual team of subject matter experts located in India, Europe, North America and the UK.


Logically's analysis team includes former defence and intelligence practitioners, as well as experts in geopolitics.

In-depth analysis

Tradecraft, a curious mindset, and ability to analyze bespoke big data sets deliver evidence-based conclusions.

Adriana Klima

Global Analysis Lead

Adriana is an executive-level security and intelligence leader with two-and-a-half decades of high-impact, results-focused experience across a broad scope of responsibilities in government, international and military operational and intelligence communities. 

Adriana has broad experience working on behalf of the U.S. Government and military with multiple international security institutions, including NATO, the E.U. and their constituent members.

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