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Trust and Safety

Helping to reduce the harms associated with misleading or deceptive information online

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Logically supports trust and safety teams in numerous ways, including increasing user trust, ensuring compliance with policies and regulations, and enriching the signals content moderation. Additionally, we help address polarisation and help protect platforms during high-risk events, like elections or geopolitical conflicts.

Building trust and ensuring compliance

Logically’s Trust & Safety solutions help digital platforms to:

  • Identify and mitigate misinformation - research and resolve claims to ensure that mis- and disinformation is properly mitigated, regardless of the language used
  • Monitor and mitigate risk events - stay ahead of false claims to prevent them going viral and impacting a greater number of users
  • Prime users to recognise mis- and disinformation - “prebunk” topics commonly associated with mdm and educate platform users to help prevent the spread of mdm
  • Support regulatory compliance - reduce regulatory concerns and maintain compliance with governing bodies around the world
  • Refine content strategy - use our insights to enhance your platform's content policies, ensuring a reliable and trustworthy user experience

Logically Facts

Logically’s subsidiary, Logically Facts, is a signatory member of the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) and the Misinformation Combat Alliance in India.

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