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Logically Intelligence® Focus for US Elections

Extract insights from across platforms and domains to identify potentially harmful content that can impact election processes, people, and polling locations - available through a monthly subscription you can cancel at any time

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Identify, assess, and act on harmful content

Foreign enemies and extremists are increasingly leveraging digital platforms to help undermine democracy and influence voters. In 2020 and 2022, Logically worked with both state and federal agencies to safeguard US elections, as well as several NGOs and academics. This election year, Logically continues efforts to ensure election integrity in the US and around the world.

Logically Intelligence Focus for US Elections helps you:

  • Identify and analyze potentially harmful narratives
  • Uncover and track online networks propagating and amplifying harmful content
  • Identify and monitor trending harmful topics across networks
  • Observe how destructive narratives change in near real time in response to unfolding situations

Results can be segmented by the user's preference, such as specific states, election-related narratives, threat actors or groups, language, platform, and more.

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