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Tackling Disinformation during the invasion of Ukraine

Access to accurate information during times of crisis is crucial. We all have a responsibility to protect ourselves and our networks from disinformation and propaganda during this conflict by ensuring we are only sharing reliable and verified information online.

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Developing solutions to the information crisis

Logically combines advanced AI, expert OSINT investigators and one of the world’s largest dedicated fact-checking teams to fight damaging misinformation and disinformation at scale. We build technology and tools that empower governments, businesses and the public to identify and mitigate harmful content. Our mission is to reduce and eventually eliminate the harm caused by the spread of mis- and disinformation.

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What We Do

Products & Services

We identify misinformation and disinformation at scale around the world using AI and expert analysts and offer our products and services to consumers, businesses and public sector partners.


Utilising our advanced AI algorithms, we develop systems capable of detecting and analysing harmful content.


Our responsive tech notifies you about problematic content - helping you to deploy countermeasures and mitigate the risks posed by it.


Our technology works alongside our expert analysts and the largest dedicated fact-checking team on earth to shed light on dubious claims and help you understand the world.

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Our technology and workflows not only detect problematic content but recommend and deploy countermeasures such as fact-checking, strategic communications and takedowns.

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Learn how Logically fights misinformation with AI

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