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Our commitment

Logically is spread over 5 offices, in 5 cities, in 3 countries with a diverse team committed to combatting misinformation and building a better news ecosystem. We’re committed to

Diversity and Collaboration

Diversity and Collaboration

Logically promotes a diverse and inclusive workplace where no one is disadvantaged because of their gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, or nationality. Employees work well together within their team and across different parts of the organization.

Diversity and Collaboration

Agility with Execution

We actively encourage our employees to respond quickly and effectively to changes in the marketplace and seize new opportunities ensuring they are empowered to act, have the resources they need, adhere to process discipline, and are held accountable for results.

Customer-centric Innovation

Customer-centric Innovation

Logically puts customers at the centre of everything they do, listening to them and prioritizing their needs. We are committed to being pioneers in the industry pushing the boundaries with our products, services, technologies, or ways of working.

Respect with Integrity

Respect with Integrity

Employees consistently act in an honest and ethical manner. Employees demonstrate consideration and courtesy for others and treat each other with dignity.

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