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Point Solutions

Receiving actionable intelligence reports and alerts
to address acute concerns or specific areas of focus

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Many clients start their intelligence solutions journey with a specific project in mind, especially when they lack the internal personnel to focus on ad-hoc requests.

Pay-as-you-go Intelligence Services

Logically can help to identify narratives and threats, both domestic and foreign, as they relate to your brand, people, property, and processes. Schedule a consultation on any of the following point solutions:

  • Threat Monitoring - Receive intelligence on real world threats made against your people, processes, projects, and assets around the world
  • Narrative Monitoring - Monitor coordinated online behaviour with potentially negative impacts
  • Flash Reports - Follow trending topics and events on any social media platform for potentially harmful misinformation and online threat narratives
  • Simulated Disinformation Drills - Collaborate with us to simulate misinformation campaigns, testing and refining your platform's defenses
  • Fact-checking - Providing fact-checking that includes flexible coverage of topics, languages, and regions, responsive to user needs as well as society at large across a global footprint, especially during emerging crises and high-risk events such as elections or government summits