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Detecting adversarial and often covert narratives
across information platforms and languages

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Expanding data sets, an ever-growing list of social platforms, and the transformative power of Generative AI allows adversaries to spread harmful, culturally nuanced narratives faster and in more ways than ever. Logically helps defense intelligence experts gain a deeper understanding of the information environment.

Enhancing situational awareness

Logically alerts analysts to emerging issues requiring their tradecraft, minimising the cognitive burden and offering a force multiplier effect in support of limited expert resources. Using a narrative-led approach, we detect influence operations and identify emerging hostile threats online.

Specifically, we help defense clients to:

  • Detect, analyze, and mitigate covert narratives
  • Enhance situational awareness of threats and mitigation opportunities
  • Monitor for potential espionage or leaks of sensitive information
  • Prevent offline harms, including potential terrorist threats
  • Track communications relating to extremist activities and terrorism