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Logically Scout

Harnesses AI and subject matter expertise to produce a cross media-platform intelligence feed to help mitigate harmful content before it goes viral

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Proactively monitor alternative social media platforms and identify emerging threats to safeguard platform integrity and online safety

Potentially harmful content often originates on platforms with inadequate content moderation resources, allowing both domestic and foreign threat actors to operate effortlessly.

In the complex landscape of social media, platforms are increasingly grappling with the challenge of mitigating various retention, reputational, regulatory, and monetary risks associated with online narratives and their potential harms. These issues not only erode user trust and platform integrity, but also have wider implications for election integrity, public safety, and public health.



preferences to target specific scenarios, harms and themes



a comprehensive view of relevant, high-severity risks and harms on alternative platforms



a high-coverage overview and insights in an accessible format



detailed insights for informed understanding and decision making



quickly to mitigate the migration of harmful threats

Predict the future virality of posts from alternative platforms

Logically Scout® can identify signals of harmful content and predict a narrative’s path before it reaches mainstream platforms and its users through its wide ranging cross platform visibility and expert-ai powered assessments.

Logically Scout® helps users conduct active monitoring in order to achieve compliance with relevant platform policies and broader legislation around social media, which is rapidly being implemented around the world.

With Logically Scout® users can:

  • Mitigate reputational, regulatory, user retention and monetary risks associated with online narratives and associated harms
  • View a wide spectrum data feed curated by topic, threat types and policy violations at a region-specific or global level without having multiple platform accounts
  • Prioritise content effectively to review and moderate, reducing the time to identify and mitigate potential harms
  • Improve upstream automation to identify and address potentially harmful content before it emerges on mainstream platforms

Logically Scout® is fully supported by industry experts and experience.

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Users of Logically Scout

For companies working on AI and platform safety, or have a limited trust and safety team,
integrating or partnering with a product that offers cross-platform monitoring and risk discovery can provide several benefits:

Strategic Decision Support

For platform safety teams, the signals provided by cross-platform monitoring can inform strategic decisions about content moderation policies, user education initiatives, and collaborations with other platforms and industry stakeholders for scenarios that matter most to them.

Regulatory Compliance and Trust Building

Demonstrating the use of advanced tools to monitor and mitigate risks can help Social Media and AI platforms navigate regulatory environments and build trust with users and policymakers by showing a commitment to comprehensive safety measures.

Comprehensive Safety Measures

By integrating insights from cross-platform monitoring, Generative AI platforms can enhance Large Language Models (LLMs) and safety protocols to better identify and mitigate risks related to disinformation, including those involving deepfakes and synthetic media.

Adaptive AI Models

The data and trends identified by Logically Scout can be used to train AI models to better recognize and adapt to the evolving tactics, techniques, and procedures of disinformation actors, making AI safety measures more robust over time. This is critical not only for their operational integrity but also for the broader ecosystem that relies on the responsible development and deployment of AI technologies.

Logically Scout contributors

Logically Scout utilises a combination of AI and our network of human expertise to both improve our AI models and intelligence feeds outputs. These are designed with input from platform Red Teaming exercises to ensure that our information environments are tailored specifically for platforms and their areas of concerns.

We welcome platform Trust & Safety teams open to contribute data to help train and improve the output of Logically Scout.

Please contact us today to learn more about how we can work together to identify emerging threats before they pose real world harm.