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Data Science

Delivering custom AI solutions and product development to
empower clients to detect, assess, and mitigate online harms

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Logically’s data science team plays a pivotal role in developing and deploying custom AI solutions for clients to address complex challenges such as misleading or deceptive information, coordinated inauthentic behaviour, and synthetic content.

The team has distinguished itself by winning impactful grants from Innovate UK to pursue a Knowledge Transfer Project (KTP) in novel areas of computer vision to develop innovative solutions for multi-modal misleading or deceptive information.

Our team of technical experts holds advanced degrees, both masters and PhDs in a range of pertinent fields, including natural language processing and computer science.

Logically’s data science team has contributed to a number of industry-recognized white papers and case studies on Human-in-the-loop AI and responsible & trustworthy AI, and has a strong publication record in reputable journals/conferences.

We collaborate closely with a number of leading research institutions and experts, and have top rankings in industry AI product hackathons and AI technology competitions.

Our data science work


Extensive experience in delivering successful client projects on time and on budget


Empowering clients to combat harmful content rapidly and effectively


Developing innovative AI technologies for B2B and B2C products

Dr. Anil Bandhakavi

AI Research and Solutions Director

Dr. Anil Bandhakavi heads the data science division of Logically, harnessing over a decade of expertise in artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP).

His strategic guidance and technical leadership shapes Logically's AI solutions and products, underpinned by a Ph.D. in NLP from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, and prior roles at AI enterprises like IBM

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Dr. John Alexander

Technical Programme Manager (Ai Innovation)

Dr. John Alexander is our technical program manager, and a versatile AI and data science expert with a passion for driving innovation and enhancing customer experiences.

Holding a Ph.D. in reinforcement learning from the University of Aberdeen, he combines deep academic knowledge with practical project leadership skills to deliver impactful solutions in the field of AI.

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