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Defence and National Security

Identifying and responding to hostile nation state information campaigns

The Situation

Information operations and cognitive or psychological warfare from hostile nation-states and adversaries spread rapidly online, threatening national security.

The Solution

Logically provides the tools and expertise to identify, triage, and respond to information threats at speed and scale, 24/7. Using advanced AI, alongside our world-class OSINT expertise, we help you gain the information advantage.

Logically Intelligence
Logically Intelligence

Our flagship threat intelligence platform.


Monitor and Map

Monitor in near-real-time custom information environments. Track and map information operations across social media and online media platforms globally, and identify “Patient Zero” actors originating information campaigns, and inauthentic and cross-platform coordinated activity.

Multilingual and Multimodal

In near-real time custom information environments, track and map information operations across social media and online media platforms globally. Automatically detect inauthentic activity including origin and supporting networks.


World-Class Service

We provide industry-leading and customizable technology to suit your needs, along with 24/7 operational support, and access to world-class OSINT and investigative expertise.

Visual Analysis

Our threat intelligence platform, Logically Intelligence, allows you to visualize findings and generate custom tactical reports to assist rapid decision-making.

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