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In the national security space it is imperative to compete at the speed and scale required.  Adversaries can utilise emerging tech to cause chaos, enhance societal polarisation, and undermine the credibility of democracies.  

Both coordinated and informal networks of influence can quickly originate or amplify online content that can translate into real-world harm in fast-moving, unpredictable ways. 

Stay ahead of developing situations

Logically provides stand-alone software solutions as well as a variety of Analyst Services to support national security teams, including:

  • Analysing sentiment by regions, countries, and states on given topics, such as local sentiment about the US military during a non-combatant evacuation of embassy staff and citizens
  • Uncovering coordinated inauthentic behavior in an information environment, almost always sponsored by actors outside the home country
  • Detecting adversarial narratives across languages designed to covertly undermine alliances and cause violence based polarization
  • Identifying narratives, specific content, and/or prominent users posing potential threats or the explicit planning of a threat against domestic organisations and institutions
  • Testing narratives to gauge and track how users in target countries respond to that narrative, and to see how key adversaries and users in those countries respond to the posts