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Logically Intelligence® Focus for US Elections

Identify potentially harmful content that may impact election processes, people, and polling locations - available through a monthly subscription

Identify, assess, and act on harmful content

Foreign enemies and extremists are increasingly leveraging digital platforms to help undermine democracy and influence voters. In 2020 and 2022, Logically worked with both state and federal agencies to safeguard US elections, as well as several NGOs and academics. This election year, Logically continues efforts to ensure election integrity in the US and around the world.

Logically Intelligence Focus for US Elections helps you:

  • Identify and analyze potentially harmful narratives
  • Uncover and track online networks propagating and amplifying harmful content
  • Identify and monitor trending harmful topics across networks
  • Observe how destructive narratives change in near real time in response to unfolding situations

Results can be segmented by the user's preference, such as specific states, election-related narratives, threat actors or groups, language, platform, and more.

Additional Services Available

Subscribers to Logically Intelligence Focus for US Elections can also purchase additional services to compliment work covering the 2024 US elections, including:

  • Flash Report - Receive a brief synopsis on a specific question within two to three business days
  • Situational Report (SITREP) - Gain a deeper understanding of the election environment, specific account, source, or platform, or a synopsis of a specific topic as it relates to the election, a Situational Report (SITREP) can be provided within five business days
  • Claim Verification - Request a short (specific claim) or long-form (topical area) verification that can be completed in one or two business days
  • Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior (CIB) Model Deployment - Apply Logically’s signature CIB model to scan the digital information landscape, detecting evidence of coordinated campaigns and discerning their nature and origin; timings vary depending on the nature of the request
  • Custom Classifiers - Design labels that reflect a client’s own determination of significance; cost and time to deployment are request dependent
  • Custom Election Situation Room - Commission a custom situation room that focuses on specific aspects of the 2024 US elections

All of the services mentioned above are available for the 2024 US Elections at an additional cost to subscribers.
To learn more, apply to subscribe.


Logically Intelligence Focus for US Elections provides access to the 2024 US Elections situation room (available to eligible users only*) and is available through subscription at $900 monthly, and can be cancelled at any time.

How to Subscribe

Subscriptions to Logically Intelligence Focus for US Elections are limited to the approved entities only, including verified researchers, academic institutions, non-government organizations, media companies, social media platforms, and U.S.government agencies (federal, state, and local). Non-U.S. government agencies that meet additional ethics criteria may also be eligible. To apply for a subscription to Logically Intelligence Focus for US Elections, please complete the form.

Please note: Logically does not provide services to political parties, political candidates, political PACs, unaffiliated individuals, or any person, group or organization that does not meet Logically’s ethical standards.