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Analyst Services

Delivering actionable insights by combining artificial intelligence
with human expertise and dedicated customer support

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Our analysts identify and monitor potentially harmful content online and advise clients on tangible countermeasures appropriate to the client. Logically’s subject matter experts cover multiple sectors, languages, and geographies such as China, Russia, and Iran. These experts have experience as former National Security personnel from the US, UK and India, as well as academic and corporate experience.

Scalable intelligence resources

Many clients lack the internal resources to support their intelligence gathering projects, especially when requiring specific geopolitical or linguistics skills. Logically’s Analysts Services provide clients support with the following in multiple languages and regions:

  • Threat Monitoring - Analysts monitor and report online activity to detect threats to brands, institutions, facilities, people, and processes
  • Narrative Monitoring and Reporting - Analysts observe, track and report malicious or harmful narratives, especially those based on mis- and disinformation, or created or amplified by extremists or foreign adversaries
  • Strategic Messaging - Situational-specific advice on engaging effective networks and messaging designed to counteract nefarious narratives
  • Incident Investigation - OSINT analysts in a live or post-incident scenario collect data collection, analyze digital footprints, verify content, reconstruct timelines, assess threats, and collaborate to generate accurate reports to inform decision makers