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Ethics and Transparency

Our mission is to reduce and eventually eliminate the harms
associated with misleading or deceptive information

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Logically Ethics Statement

All work Logically conducts for clients is undertaken in accordance with regional and local laws and requirements. In addition to operating within the law, Logically is committed to ensuring our products and services are used ethically by our customers.To ensure this happens, we have developed robust processes and procedures that determine exactly which customers we will, and will not, serve. These methods govern how we operate as a company, and how our employees fulfil their responsibilities.

Logically’s commitments are enshrined in Logically’s Ethics Charter, which is binding on the Company and enforced by a dedicated subcommittee of the main board that is chaired by company chairman Sir Hossein Yassaie. This Ethics Statement outlines the core values, safeguards and non-partisanship policy that allow us to adhere to our commitments to integrity and ethics.


Logically is committed to the promotion of free and civil discourse, democratic debate and processes, the protection of human rights based on international law, and respect for personal privacy. We ensure that core principles like the rule of law, including an independent and impartial judiciary, as well as the independence and integrity of political processes, are upheld through any work we undertake.

As a company offering products and services that leverage artificial intelligence (AI), we are committed to ensuring that our AI is developed responsibly and is trustworthy. We embed these principles across the entire lifecycle of our AI systems. They are central to our data curation, model development, system development and deployment, and finally, to continuous monitoring and governance. We also adhere to industry standards governing the appropriate levels of safety, security, robustness and fairness for AI-based products and services. Our compliance with these standards also ensure our systems are appropriately transparent and explainable with sufficient processes for accountability and redress.


Logically will not work with clients that are or have clear links to political parties or political organisations, religious organisations or personnel, unaccredited public bodies, or terrorist organisations or personnel. Whether a potential client is a government or private entity, we scrutinise the nature of the political system in the country/countries they operate in, as well as the independence of their judiciary and legal systems, to decide whether we can proceed with them.

Further, Logically will not allow our products or services to be used in ways that contradict our ethical values. We do not enter into any relationships or arrangements that would lead to such use cases, and our contracts with clients also give us the power to terminate if we find our products and services are used for prohibited use cases. These prohibited use cases include (but are not limited to) attempts to:

  • Subvert democracy and public institutions
  • Undermine freedom of speech (subject to reasonable restrictions under international legal principles)
  • Promote, encourage, incite or support any violation of an individual or group’s human rights, or that lead to harm against an individual or group
  • Conduct unlawful surveillance or infringe the privacy of an individual

No project can proceed if our ethics reviewers and Ethics Committee are of the opinion that it conflicts with these standards.

Non-Partisanship Policy

Logically is committed to ensuring we function in a non-partisan manner and have no commercial, institutional or financial relationships with any politician, political party or ideological movement/organisation. We do not support customers of this nature, and we do not allow our products or services to be used for political advertising.

All Logically staff are under a contractual obligation not to engage in any activity that publicly promotes a political party, or be a member of one.

Logically employees are further prohibited from publically expressing on social media any interest in, affiliation to or association with any political party, political candidate, or politically aligned movement. This includes posting, sharing or endorsing these in any way. Logically employees must also refrain from posting or engaging in politically charged debate about sensitive cultural or societal topics, where any political association might reasonably be inferred from the support or opposition to such subjects.

Finally, all Logically staff must disclose any potential conflicts of interest that may arise in working on any project and also determine in advance whether working on a project might undermine our reputation for non-partisanship.