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Ethics & Transparency

Our mission is to reduce and eventually eliminate the harms associated with mis- and disinformation. We are proud supporters of free speech and oppose censorious approaches to individual expression online. When misleading and deceptive online discourse causes societal damage, we believe it needs to be identified and addressed.

Logically have built industry-leading products and services to tackle harmful mis- and disinformation at scale. Our offerings are designed for use by private and public sector organizations, governments, and civil society groups, among others. We provide our services only to clients who meet the highest standards of integrity and ethics.

When assessing any potential client opportunity, we apply the following standards:

We won’t enter into any contract:

  • Which is incompatible with the principles of enhancing civic discourse, protecting democratic debate and process, and providing access to trustworthy information.

  • Where there is a reasonable likelihood the client would use the information that we find to cause undue harm to any person or group, or threaten to undermine the human rights of any person or group.
  • We ensure that all commercial contracts include a specific, limited, and targeted scope within which our products and services are licensed for use, agreed between Logically and the client. Any violation of those terms will result in termination of service.

  • We don’t engage in partnerships which would undermine our commitment to political non-partisanship.

Finally, a robust ethics review process underpins our approach to ensure that any new contract is aligned with our standards. No project can pass our internal ethics review until reviewers unanimously agree that there is no conflict of interest that might undermine our commitment to non-partisanship. The Advisory Board also holds Logically to account for its commitments to non-partisanship

We also apply the following standards for our employees:

We require that our staff:

  • Must disclose any potential conflicts of interest that may arise in working on any project and also determine in advance whether working on a project might undermine our reputation for non-partisanship.

All staff members at Logically:

  • Are obliged not to conduct any activity which might unduly damage Logically reputation, which includes damaging our reputation for non-partisanship.
  • Must agree to abstain from standing for any political office, publicly supporting any politician or party, or expressing on social media any interest in, affiliation to, or association with any political party, political candidate, or politically aligned movement.

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