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Logically Intelligence®

Detect, Assess, and Act on Emerging Threats

Our platform works at speed and scale to provide the insight analysts need to formulate responses and countermeasures in time to mitigate these risks.

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The Logically Way

We combine proprietary AI and human expertise to train our data science models capable of analyzing vast amounts of content from across social media, news websites, and blogs. As a result, Logically Intelligence provides analysts with the insights needed to detect, assess, and act on emerging threats.

Multilingual and cross-platform Coverage of local and global content to give you full visibility of relevant online discourse.

Extensive monitoring Identify harmful narratives, claims, and visual content before they have real implications.

Analyst support Fact checking and in-depth investigations are available directly from the Logically Intelligence platform enabling you to identify targeted groups, bad actors, and the origins and spread of harmful activity.

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Situation Rooms
Group, theme, and monitor different threats in line with your organization's priorities

Threat and Narrative Detection
Identify and analyze detected threats and emerging narratives around key areas of interest.

Dynamic mapping indicates clusters of activity and threats allowing you to visualize network connections between accounts and content to analyze how information spreads.

Access our team of dedicated fact-checkers who are supported by our AI-driven dashboard.

Request investigations into specific threats detected on Logically Intelligence and elsewhere from the Logically OSINT team.

Visualize data within the platform and customize reports to look how you want before exporting through different templates.

Data Sources

Data Sources

Logically Intelligence®, our AI-powered threat intelligence platform,
allows you to map and analyze multilingual and cross-platform data.

Logically Intelligence® ingests millions of data points daily from a multitude of social platforms and websites, including public channels on closed networks.

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Data Science Models

We have integrated 13 major data science models into the Logically Intelligence platform which helps analyze data pulled into a situation room and provides users with detailed insights into:

Source Credibility
Insights about the truthfulness and reliability of an information source

Threat Intent
Insights about the harm intent posed by a piece of content

Toxicity Detection
Insights about whether a piece of content promotes profanity using offensive and toxic language

Misinformation detection
Insights about whether a given piece of content promotes inaccurate and misleading information

Narrative Extraction
Insights about groups of content that are highly cohesive and are part of an identified trend or indicate a new trend

Sentiment Detection (Text and Entity)
Insights about the sentiment (positive/negative/neutral) of a piece of text or towards entities mentioned in the text

Named Entity Recognition
Insights about the key person, location, or organization mentions in a piece of content

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