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Logically Intelligence®

AI-powered threat intelligence platform

Providing analysts with content analysis tools to detect
harmful online narratives and threats at speed and at scale.

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The Logically Intelligence Platform

Logically Intelligence uses artificial intelligence to identify and tackle harmful and manipulative content at speed and at scale. Our platform ingests content and data from social platforms, online media source and websites. As a result, Logically Intelligence provides analysts with the insights needed to detect, assess, and act on emerging threats.

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Situation Rooms
Monitor and analyze a specific information environment by creating a Situation Room using a simple keyword-based interface or advanced boolean queries.

Threat Intelligence
Quickly get a high-level overview of a Situation Room, including a content feed and break down of content by source, sentiment, language, location mention, and other metrics.

Multilingual Detection
Boolean queries or keywords can be added in any language and the platform will display and translate data from all languages. 

Narrative Detection & Analysis
Identify and analyze narratives emerging in a specific Situation Room, including keywords driving the narrative, associated posts, and original poster data. Also, you can compare two narratives over time and measure the impact of counter-narratives.  

Network Analysis
Visualize a Situation Room across social and online media platforms, enabling analysis of coordinated inauthentic behavior, influencers, and broader cross platform activity.

How Logically Intelligence works

Our platform processes a huge amount of data from across the global internet. And our AI models spot the signals and sources of risk, threats and harmful information within an ever-increasing amount of noise. This all supports the critical work of analysts who face the complex task of spotting problems before they do damage. 

Here’s how Logically Intelligence works: 

Near real-time ingestion of data from global sources of content and all public posts on social media platforms.

Filters data according to your monitoring requirements and applies Logically's deep analysis of language, source and narratives to detect threats.

Gives users the ability to analyze, explore and counteract threats to fight the impact of misinformation and disinformation early.

Escalate threats and share data for further analysis by specialists and measure the effect of countermeasures.

Who uses Logically Intelligence?

The risks of misinformation, disinformation and harmful narratives are no longer isolated to a few sectors. Both coordinated and informal networks of influence can quickly originate or amplify online content that can translate into real-world harm in fast-moving, unpredictable ways for any type of organization. Here’s who we work with:

Protecting citizens from disinformation campaigns.

Defense and National Security
Identifying and responding to hostile nation state information campaigns.

Public Health
Helping governments monitor and mitigate harmful health misinformation at scale.

Law Enforcement 
Tackling illegal activities online at speed and scale.

Election Officials
Safeguarding democratic processes from disinformation and malign influence campaigns.

Enterprise Businesses
Protecting people, brands and assets from misinformation threats.

Data Sources

Data Sources

Logically Intelligence®, our AI-powered threat intelligence platform,
allows you to map and analyze multilingual and cross-platform data.

Logically Intelligence® ingests millions of data points daily from a multitude of social platforms and websites, including public channels on closed networks.

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Data Science Models

We have integrated 13 major data science models into the Logically Intelligence platform which helps analyze data pulled into a situation room and provides users with detailed insights into:

Source Credibility
Insights about the truthfulness and reliability of an information source

Threat Intent
Insights about the harm intent posed by a piece of content

Toxicity Detection
Insights about whether a piece of content promotes profanity using offensive and toxic language

Misinformation detection
Insights about whether a given piece of content promotes inaccurate and misleading information

Narrative Extraction
Insights about groups of content that are highly cohesive and are part of an identified trend or indicate a new trend

Sentiment Detection (Text and Entity)
Insights about the sentiment (positive/negative/neutral) of a piece of text or towards entities mentioned in the text

Named Entity Recognition
Insights about the key person, location, or organization mentions in a piece of content

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