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Logically Intelligence®

Helping analysts to detect adversarial online narratives at speed and at scale

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Logically Intelligence® ingests millions of data points daily from a multitude of sources, including public channels and closed networks, allowing users to map and analyze multilingual and cross-platform data.

Built on artificial intelligence and secure, scalable cloud infrastructure, Logically Intelligence® helps analysts monitor and assess the online landscape for damaging activity and narratives.

Actionable intelligence at scale and speed

Intelligence experts use Logically Intelligence® to identify problematic narratives, group actors, and activity online that may cause risk. It is also one of the only platforms to integrate both analytical capabilities and countermeasure deployment to tackle narratives before they go viral.

Logically Intelligence® supports users in the following common intelligence operations:

  • Counter Narrative Strategies
  • Event Influence Assessment
  • Group Actor Analysis
  • Influence Campaign Attribution
  • Policy and Strategy Formulation
  • Trend Analysis for Fact-Checking