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Logically Intelligence: 

Threat Intelligence


Tackle Harmful and Misleading Online Content Before it Causes Real-World Harm. Logically Intelligence is powered by advanced AI alongside our world-class OSINT team


Logically Intelligence allows you to map and analyze multilingual, multimodal and cross-platform data at speed and at scale, so you can detect threats early, triage and analyze them, and respond.

It allows you to reduce risk, liability and disruption caused by harmful and misleading online content. Logically Intelligence is powered by advanced AI alongside our world-class OSINT team.

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How we help

Logically Intelligence ingests millions of data sources from social platforms and websites, including public channels on closed networks such as Telegram.

It then applies advanced natural language processing and knowledge engineering techniques to identify and disambiguate entities, topics and concepts.

Logically Intelligence is the result of over 600,000 hours of R&D developing AI to understand content and online discourse that has been battle hardened in field deployments across three continents.

Who we help

Governments and Public Sector Entities:

  • Protect the integrity of democratic processes and elections
  • Tackle threats to important public health and safety messaging 
  • Identify and combat foreign interference campaigns and malicious actors

Who we help

Enterprises and Private Sector Organisations:

  • Protect the integrity of communications campaigns and channels
  • Identify threats to brand reputation 
  • Protect people, places and assets from real-world threats and violence originating online



How it helps



Real-time monitoring & actionable insights

on online activity, behaviour, discourse, actors and communities to allow you to map and triage threats immediately.

Early-warning 24/7 alerts

for emerging threats and discourse, including disinformation campaigns and coordinated inauthentic behaviour to help you stay ahead of malicious actors.

Multi-language and cross-platform

coverage of global and local content to give you full visibility of all online discourse and how it spreads.

Access Logically's team of OSINT experts

for in-depth investigations that enable you to identify targeted groups, bad actors and the origins and spread of harmful activity, and respond effectively.





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Rising Star Tech award at CogX 2021 Awards.



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Best AI Start-up at the AI Breakthrough Awards.


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Named one of the world’s most innovative companies by Fast Company.


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Founder & CEO Lyric Jain, named in Forbes 30 under 30.



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IFCN Accredited.


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Clients include
Facebook, TikTok.