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Election Integrity

Protect democratic processes, election workers, and facilities


Domestic and foreign threat actors are increasingly attempting to disrupt the smooth conduct of elections and cause confusion, chaos, and civil unrest.

Election officials often lack the personnel, tools, or expertise necessary to remain situationally aware of online activity.

We help detect threats and mis- and disinformation about the election process at speed and at scale, enabling election officials around the country to focus on running free and fair elections.

Logically works with national, state, and local election officials to protect democratic processes by detecting, attributing, and countering misinformation and threats.

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LI Elections Counter

Gain Situational Awareness

Safeguard democratic processes from malign influence campaigns.

Use our election managed services to:

  • Proactively identify threats to election workers and facilities.

  • Discover mis- and disinformation narratives about the election process.

  • Mitigate the effects of coordinated malicious campaigns before they can cause widespread damage.

Harness AI-Powered Threat Intelligence

Expert human-in-the-loop solutions identify and mitigate malicious coordinated influence operations.

Our technology ingests millions of pieces of data from thousands of sources, including major social media sites, fringe platforms, and a wide variety of news outlets, blogs, and websites.

Logically utilizes advanced AI in combination with expert OSINT investigators to identify and disambiguate entities, topics and provide critical insights.

From 2020 to 2022:
Persistent but Localized Narratives

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