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About Us

Logically is on a mission to reduce the harms
caused by misleading and deceptive online discourse

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Logically is an AI Intelligence company that combines AI with expert intelligence to tackle the impact of online content at scale. Our goal is to provide citizens, governments, and digital platforms with the ability to access accurate information.

By leveraging a unique combination of artificial and expert intelligence, we apply both scale and nuance to tackle and analyze emerging trends that could potentially pose risks. Our experience includes work across some of the most challenging information environments for a diverse range of stakeholder groups, from SMEs to law enforcement and defense, allowing us to deploy our products, services and reports with a high degree of confidence.

Since 2017, Logically has worked to protect democratic debate and process, freedom of speech, and access to trustworthy information through a suite of products and services. Logically upholds the rights of citizens in the countries it operates in, and strives to preserve the individual’s right to self expression. Logically and its business units have no say in any actions taken by governments or digital platforms related to content moderation.

The nature of our work to support governments and social media platforms is distinct, and is conducted out of two separate business units.

Logically and Logically Facts

Logically focuses on public health, public safety, national security, and elections, and supports three of the largest democracies in the world. This work is conducted by our expert team of technology and OSINT analysts with support from our AI-powered intelligence platform, Logically IntelligenceⓇ. 

Our independent fact-checking unit, Logically Facts, delivers fact-checking products and services for our social media partners. Headed by ex-IFCN Director Baybars Orsek, this distinct business unit ensures the complete editorial independence of our fact-checking work. The teams that conduct our work for social media platforms are completely independent of the rest of Logically team.

For social media platforms, Logically Facts currently works with Meta and TikTok in the UK and Europe to help assess content (and sometimes identify narratives) in accordance with their publicly accessible policies for content moderation. Logically Facts has no say in any actions taken by platforms related to said moderation.