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China’s Propaganda and Disinformation Response to International Opinion: UNHCR Report on Xinjiang

Logically identified a network of Chinese Government officials and pro-China accounts leveraging social media platforms to push pro-Xinjiang and anti-West propaganda in an attempt to delegitimize the findings of an investigation conducted by the United Nations on human rights violations in Xinjiang.

Report by: Aastha Dayal and Edited by Hamsini Hariharan and Priyam Nayak

China Case Study
US election 2

Study: Deanonymising Threat Actors

Understand how Logically uncovers those that leverage the anonymity of the internet to spread harmful misinformation and conspiracies using OSINT.


Sugar mill pollution

Climate Change Misinformation Report

APCO Worldwide and Logically undertook a collaborative research project focused on identifying and understanding the most prominent climate misinformation narratives ahead of COP26.

How Do Deepfakes Work Promo

Video: Seeing is Deceiving - How Deepfakes Work

Find out how the relatively new phenomenon of deepfakes work.