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Kremlin-Tied Propagandists Spearhead New Influence Operations

Logically has identified two new influence operations aiming to spread pro-Russian sentiment. These influence operations amplify a previously reported connection identified by a U.S. media outlet in Luc Michel, a self-proclaimed political activist connected to Alexander Dugin, and Yevgeny Prigozhin’s Wagner Group.

Investigation carried out by Kyle Walter, Head of Research & Insights, and Nick Backovic, US OSINT Specialist.

Kremlin-Tied Propagandists Spearhead New Influence Operations
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Study: Deanonymising Threat Actors

Understand how Logically uncovers those that leverage the anonymity of the internet to spread harmful misinformation and conspiracies using OSINT.


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Climate Change Misinformation Report

APCO Worldwide and Logically undertook a collaborative research project focused on identifying and understanding the most prominent climate misinformation narratives ahead of COP26.

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