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"Nobody should be exploited or used to spread misinformation and we have the technology to finally expose those who tell lies, spread propaganda, and dangerously live in the shadows of nuance and complexity. Together we can fight ‘fake news’ and stop those who weaponize context for deceptive purposes.”

Lyric Jain, Founder & CEO 



The Logically Browser Extension warns you of unreliable articles and sources while contextualizing the news as you read it, with reliable articles from over 100,000 publishers. It identifies toxic commentary on social media and highlights or hides it from your feeds based on your personal preferences, so that you can take back control of what you see and how you spend your time. Through the extension, you can also access our express fact checking service to help you assess any suspicious claims.

Source Credibility

Rely on expert assessments from our research partners and predictions from our AI to understand which sources you can trust, and which ones you probably shouldn’t. We want you to be in full control of your browsing experience and allow you to override any of our assessments by adding websites you trust to your personal list of Trusted Sources.

Source credibility

Article credibility

Even the most credible sources can sometimes publish poorly sourced information and the least credible sources can syndicate extremely well-sourced newswires. Our AI predicts whether an article is likely to be credible based on the content of an article, the reputation and expertise of its authors and how it is being distributed on social media.


Article credibility


Investigate how the news is positively or negatively framed. Understand the author’s views on a current event and the key players involved in it with our Sentiment Analysis feature. Challenge your biases and seek out alternative viewpoints from over 100,000 publishers.


Key Players

Learn about the key players behind the headlines, while you read. We highlight the most prominent people, places and organizations mentioned within an article and provide you with their background. Whether a key political figure or a worldwide trending topic, just hover over a key player in the article to find out more about them.

US Fox Key Players

Comment Toxicity

Avoid toxic comments. Social media is infested with bots, trolls and harmful content and it can be overwhelming to navigate through such content every day. We identify offensive, hateful and toxic content so that you can hide or obscure such content based on your personal preferences to take back control of your social media experience.

BE Toxicity Screenshot

Related Articles

Challenge your biases and validate your understanding. View similar articles from a range of publishers across the political spectrum to uncover how the same topic, when covered by different publishers with varying context and biases, can differ immensely. Contrast and compare the slant in articles from different publishers to burst your filter bubble, break down your echo chamber, and draw your own conclusions with diverse perspectives.

US Forbes Related Articles

Fact check

Fact check any dubious claim you come across. When predictions are insufficient and you want to know definitively what is true, false or unverified rely on the world’s largest dedicated fact checking team to deliver you results on demand 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Each fact checkers assessment is reassessed by at least two other fact checkers to ensure the results you receive are accurate, evidenced and unbiased.

US Politico Fact Check Submit Claim

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