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Logically Facts launched to build safer spaces for online users

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5th April, 2023

  • Set up to counter online harms and mis- and disinformation caused by problematic content, Logically establishes Logically Facts to make accurate information available at scale

  • Logically Facts currently fact checks across four languages, with plans to add eight more by August to address non-English speaking regions

  • Logically is a signatory to the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) Code of Principles and is already in use by Meta and TikTok

Since 2017, Logically has worked to proactively limit the harms associated with mis- and disinformation. In this ongoing mission to reduce the damage caused by harmful discourse and empower people with the tools they need to spot misinformation and find sources they can trust, the company is today announcing the creation of a new independent fact-checking unit - Logically Facts.

Logically Facts will continue to deliver on its existing partnerships with Meta and TikTok, utilising expert fact-checkers in different parts of the world to reduce the spread of harmful discourse and provide people with more reliable and accurate information. Harnessing AI, Logically Facts augments its fact-checkers' expertise, while helping them to intervene efficiently and at scale. Over the last five years, Logically’s fact-checking team has conducted a wide range of fact checks, from harmful content related to Covid-19 and undermining public health policies, to debunking false and misleading electoral narratives.

To help create better-informed online communities and ensure people can engage in healthy public discourse, Logically Facts will also address the growing demand for expert media literacy and fact-checking guidance via online and offline workshops in partnership with a variety of platforms and organisations. As online harms and the threat of misinformation continues to grow, this strengthens the ability of people to find reliable information, spot inaccurate information, and even pre bunk misleading information before it spreads.

The announcement comes after the company’s 2021 launch of its threat intelligence platform - Logically Intelligence®. Logically Intelligence allows users to detect, assess, and act on emerging online threats, and is currently used by public sector bodies in three major democracies.

Commenting on the launch, Baybars Örsek, VP and General Manager of Logically Facts, said: “Fact-checking has always been a core component of what we do at Logically. But with the launch of Logically Facts, we are taking the next step in our mission to reduce the damage caused by harmful discourse by empowering people globally with the tools they need to spot misinformation and identify trustworthy sources. This is a collaborative effort and so to help create a more informed world we need to work closely with our customers, partners, and users themselves.

Led by the Global Editorial Head, Jaskirat Singh Bawa, the Logically Facts team is based in the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Greece, and India, publishing fact-checks in English, Swedish, Kannada and Assamese. But with the industry lacking capacity and high-quality fact-checks addressing non-English speaking regions, the company aims to grow its team and add eight more languages later this year, including Mandarin, Russian, Spanish and Telugu.

Lyric Jain, Founder and CEO of Logically, added: “I founded Logically five years ago with the goal of tackling harmful and manipulative content at speed and scale. Since then, the risk of online harms has continued to grow in size, making the need for trustworthy, scalable and timely fact-checking more important than ever. The creation of Logically Facts has these three components at its heart, all for the end goal of bringing truth to the digital world, and making it a safer place for everyone everywhere. Coupled with the growth we are seeing with our threat intelligence platform, Logically Intelligence, establishing an independent fact-checking team is an exciting next step in the evolution of the Logically brand”.

A verified signatory to the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) Code of Principles, Logically Facts is also in the process of creating an independent advisory board. The board will provide guidance on editorial best practices to ensure the company maintains the highest standards in processes and work.

For more information about Logically Facts, please visit: https://www.logicallyfacts.com/en/

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