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Logically announced as one of StateUp's leading GovTech startups

Logically announced as one of StateUp's leading GovTech startups

Jan 22, 2021

StateUp, the insights and advisory firm working at the intersection of policy and digital technologies, has featured Logically as one of the highest quality companies in the GovTech space in their StateUp 21 Report.

The report aims to help public servants, investors and entrepreneurs to understand the government market and the technologies available. It provides a detailed analysis on 21 leading startups in the sector and sub-sectors that are of interest to governments and stakeholders.

The Covid-19 pandemic has driven half a billion pounds into top GovTech start-ups like Logically. Digitisation has become a major factor in many government strategies due to the pandemic and continues to do so in government recovery efforts with the Biden-Harris administration announcing the investment of over $10bn into US Federal Government technology programmes.

Founder and Director of StateUp, Tanya Filer, said:

“Although traditionally GovTech has been seen as a long-term investment, 2020 has shifted the landscape dramatically, with investors showing a burgeoning interest in technologies to support both public sector efficiency and accountability, and a green recovery. What was once a sector showing low reward over a period of years or decades is now a promising sector that is of growing interest to investors, entrepreneurs and Government alike.”

Get the full report of the 21 most promising startups in GovTech here.

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