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LI Crypto: Identify inauthentic activity. Reduce your risks.

Get ahead of nefarious actors across social media with quick and granular insights to more accurately assess disinformation, platform manipulation, and online discourse about cryptocurrencies at scale.

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There is consistent hype on social media about cryptocurrencies, and a lot of that noise comes from inauthentic accounts.

Coordinated networks of bots are widely used in cryptocurrency pump-and-dump schemes — a type of fraud that can manipulate trading prices by creating false narratives and coordinating trading activity.

Because of the relative anonymity offered by platforms such as Discord, Telegram, and Twitter, social media has become the preferred environment for scammers to corrupt markets.

Identify and unmask coordinated and fraudulent activity to de-risk your platforms, positions, and exchanges.

LI Crypto ingests millions of data sources from social platforms and forums, including public channels on closed networks such as Telegram and Discord. It then applies advanced natural language processing and knowledge-engineering techniques to identify and disambiguate entities, topics, and concepts, and to identify sentiment and narratives from authentic and inauthentic accounts.

  • Inauthentic account monitoring e.g. updates on developing narratives from bot networks
  • Pump-and-dump monitoring
  • Positive/negative sentiment analysis
  • Coin-specific content and channel segmentation

LI Crypto is designed for exchange platforms,
regulators and institutional traders looking to:

Identify inauthentic activity

We monitor all chatter from identified bots on social media to reveal activity that aims to manipulate perceptions about coins and, in turn, coin prices.


Identify emerging narratives and discover true sentiment

We analyze data from millions of sources and apply advanced natural language processing to give a true understanding (not bot) of sentiment around a coin or cryptocurrency and keep you informed of developing narratives.

Reduce your risks

Identify cryptocurrencies with elevated persistent or temporal risk due to high levels of coordinated or inauthentic activity.

LI Crypto

Get access to real-time data on the coordinated activity of authentic and inauthentic social media accounts within the crypto space.

  • Contextualized information
  • Access to real-time & historic data
  • Multiple cryptocurrencies
  • Regular insight reports
  • Trending analysis
  • Ingests data from all major social channels including Telegram and Discord

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The LI Crypto insight report shows social media activity around major cryptocurrencies.  For real-time analysis on multiple cryptocurrencies, register for LI Crypto

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