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About Us

Logically is a diverse team of data scientists, writers, fact-checkers, investigators and developers; using Extended Intelligence to improve today’s fractured media landscape. We have made it our mission to address the structural challenges of the digital information age, unregulated platforms and put a stop to ‘fake news’.

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Who are we?

Since we were founded in 2017, Logically has been working to protect democratic debate and process, and provide access to trustworthy information. This has led us to create a suite of products and services to reduce and eventually eliminate the harm caused by the spread of misinformation and targeted disinformation campaigns.

We are an award-winning international team of over 120 data scientists, engineers, analysts, developers and investigators, working with governments and organisations around the world in the fields of national security, public safety, election integrity, and public health.

We are verified signatories of the International Fact-Checking Network, with offices in the UK, US and India.

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Our Approach

Logically’s capabilities are all made possible by combining cutting edge AI and human expertise. Our unique combination of artificial and human intelligence means we can apply both scale and nuance to the problem of mis- and disinformation, identifying issues before they become widespread.

Our cutting edge technology monitors, identifies, and disarms problematic content at scale; and highly trained, human fact-checkers and investigators provide complex research and analysis. Our human reviewers are trained to the highest standards, and we are verified signatories of the IFCN code of principles.

Our expert-in-the-loop approach also means we can test, improve and evaluate the outcomes from AI-led processes. Our human analysts and fact checkers help to continuously improve our algorithms and check they’re working as intended. Meanwhile, AI enables the scaleability, timeliness, efficiency and consistency of our expert fact-checkers.

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Our Values

Think Independently

  • We are politically conscious, but scrupulously nonpartisan
  • We believe in the necessity of a free and independent media
  • We are transparent about our interests, and declare potential conflicts
  • Our commercial interests will never undermine our editorial independence

Think Ethically

  • We do things because we should, not just because we can
  • We will not let our technology develop beyond our understanding of its ethical implications
  • We are collegial, respectful, inclusive, and collaborative in our work
  • We are truthful with our users and partners, and respect their autonomy, their intelligence and their good faith

Think Rigorously

  • We are clear, we are precise, we say what we mean and are prepared to stand by it
  • We adhere at all times to the highest standards of evidence based reasoning, of rational argument and of intellectual honesty
  • We respect expertise, and support the efforts of experts to effectively communicate their work

Think Critically

  • We always welcome constructive criticism, from any source, on any subject
  • We question our assumptions, we question our values, we question our friends and we question ourselves
  • We do not pretend that we have no individual biases; instead, we work to challenge them, change them and mitigate their effects

Think Effectively

  • We are pragmatists; we work on the basis that an idea, a tool or a technology is only valuable to the extent that it is useful
  • We create impact by empowering people with technology, not by replacing them with it

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