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Threat Detection with Logically Intelligence

Now monitor the online media landscape in real-time

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About Us

We are a technology company combining advanced AI and machine learning with one of the world’s largest dedicated fact-checking teams to provide everyone, from individual citizens to national governments, with the tools they need to identify and disarm damaging and misleading information being shared online.
Since we were founded in 2017, Logically’s mission has been to enhance civic discourse, protect democratic debate and process, and provide access to trustworthy information. This has led us to create a suite of products and services to reduce and eventually eliminate the harm caused by the spread of misinformation and targeted disinformation campaigns.
Our unique combination of artificial and human intelligence means we provide the best of both worlds: cutting edge technology that can monitor, identify, and track content at scale; and highly trained, IFCN-accredited human fact checkers and investigators who can provide complex and nuanced research and analysis. This combination means we can flag harmful content before it becomes widespread and provide our users with effective countermeasures ranging from instant fact checks, flagging content to platforms or law enforcement, and detailed investigations into campaign origins.

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We rely on information to make the meaningful decisions that affect our lives, but the nature of the internet means that false news reaches more people faster than ever before. Our services and tools are built to better today's fractured information ecosystem.

Fact Check

Logically employs one of the world's largest dedicated fact checking team, working together with AI to provide rigorous, evidence-based fact checks.

Image Verification

Our Image verification API's are built to highlight manipulated imagery and extract text from images in order to stop the spread of harmful misinformation.

Logically's ensemble machine learning models are constantly and iteratively evaluated to improve their efficacy. We benchmark the performance of our AI against our expert intelligence team to ensure our models adapt to developing news cycles and new topical domains.
Article Credibility API

Our AI uses Natural Language Processing to cluster indicators of misinformation and determine the credibility of content.

Source Credibility API

Utilising metadata analysis to assess the credibility of sources.



Synthetic Content

Information Overload

Filter Bubbles & Echo Chambers

Our Mission

Improve Civic discourse and facilitate Critical thinking by:

  • Providing insight into and analysis of the news.
  • Guiding people away from echo chambers and filter bubbles, and exposing them to different beliefs, ideas and perspectives.
  • Placing credibility and context at the heart of digital news approaches.

Foster web literacy by providing future generations with an awareness of:

  • Ownership of and right to control their data.
  • The economics of content online.
  • How to access rigorous, trustworthy information.

Provide individuals and professionals with the tools to face the challenges of the misinformation ecosystem by:

  • Detecting various degrees of misinformation.
  • Classifying these instances.
  • Recording them so as to create a long-term picture of their evolution.
  • Monitoring the forces that shape news coverage, and educate people about these dynamics.

Recognise the constantly-evolving nature of the misinformation ecosystem, and adapt to the challenges this poses.

Our Values

Think Independently

  • We are politically conscious, but scrupulously nonpartisan
  • We believe in the necessity of a free and independent media
  • We are transparent about our interests, and declare potential conflicts
  • Our commercial interests will never undermine our editorial independence

Think Ethically

  • We do things because we should, not just because we can
  • We will not let our technology develop beyond our understanding of its ethical implications
  • We are collegial, respectful, inclusive, and collaborative in our work
  • We are truthful with our users and partners, and respect their autonomy, their intelligence and their good faith

Think Rigorously

  • We are clear, we are precise, we say what we mean and are prepared to stand by it
  • We adhere at all times to the highest standards of evidence based reasoning, of rational argument and of intellectual honesty
  • We respect expertise, and support the efforts of experts to effectively communicate their work

Think Critically

  • We always welcome constructive criticism, from any source, on any subject
  • We question our assumptions, we question our values, we question our friends and we question ourselves
  • We do not pretend that we have no individual biases; instead, we work to challenge them, change them and mitigate their effects

Think Effectively

  • We are pragmatists; we work on the basis that an idea, a tool or a technology is only valuable to the extent that it is useful
  • We create impact by empowering people with technology, not by replacing them with it