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Protect against adverse threat actors in real-time

Detect, analyse and mitigate online threats with a combination of advanced artificial intelligence and human expertise.


Protecting governments and citizens from adversarial threat actors

Working with government, law enforcement and intelligence partners, we understand the effectiveness of malign influence operations and domestic extremism. Logically protects against threats that pose risks for national security, election integrity and public health. 

The Telegram German Language Disinformation Communities Report #BlackLivesMatter Twitter Trend Manipulation Report


Safeguarding democratic processes from influence operations and disinformation campaigns

Domestic and nation-state actors are increasingly attempting to influence the behaviour of the electorate. They utilise mis- disinformation strategies to create false narratives and mistruths that are particularly prevalent around democratic elections. Logically works with federal, state and local government partners to protect democratic processes by monitoring, detecting, attributing and countering election harmful content and activity.

Download the Live Fact Checking the 2020 Election Debates Case StudyThe India 2019 Election Integrity Case Study


Our commitment to public health during the COVID-19 pandemic

Whether identifying Russian disinformation networks propagating problematic content or tracing the origins of harmful content itself, Logically has played an important role in working with public health partners during the COVID-19 pandemic. Logically’s OSINT investigations team also support national government efforts to protect citizens from misleading information during the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

The UK Anti-Vaccine Report

The State of Covid-19 Misinformation in India Report


Helping governments and healthcare providers to monitor and mitigate harmful health misinformation

Working with governments and private sector partners to combat COVID-19 and other health-related misinformation at scale, with cutting-edge, AI-powered solutions. In India, our healthcare initiative, Logically Health, enables healthcare providers and specialists to monitor and counteract harmful and misleading health information that is threatening public safety. We also provide specialist media literacy workshops and training on how to deal with health-related misinformation.

Find out more about Logically Health here

Find out more about Logically’s media literacy workshops here


Why Logically?


Monitor and analyse threats in real time

Identify and track malicious content and influence operations at scales.


AI capabilities combined with human expertise

Prioritise the most harmful content and attribute threat actors with specialist OSINT investigators


Respond to online threats with speed

Mitigate mis- and disinformation with a suite of effective countermeasures

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