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Logically's Services

Learn how Logically supports platforms, newsrooms, ad networks, brands and its public sector partners.

Fact Checking as a Service (FCAAS)

Our FCAAS offering allows newsrooms to focus on reporting while we verify any claims and images that they might find dubious. Our automated research assistant, and the world's largest team of dedicated fact-checkers, is at your service during normal times and in crisis to support topic and event-driven fact-checking. 
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Fighting Extremist Content

Building trust between at-risk communities, who encounter problematic content, and enforcement partners in the public and private sectors is paramount. We provide community groups and researchers with a simple tool to report extremist and hateful content to the platforms hosting this content and/or relevant law enforcement agencies. Users can also hold enforcers accountable with our 7-day tracking of reported content.


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Intelligence Reporting

Logically uses a suite of tools including fact checking, open-source intelligence and AI to investigate specific domains and platforms, and track the spread of disinformation and misinformation campaigns. Logically staff identify campaigns on both open and closed networks; detecting problematic content and deploying countermeasures to mitigate the risks posed by such content.

Download the Deanonymizing Threat Actors Case Study

Download the Great Game India Case Study

Our investigations team traced the myth that coronavirus is a leaked bioweapon back to an Indian conspiracy site.

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Information Integrity War Rooms

Logically partners with governments, media outlets and independent initiatives during elections and large democratic events to stop the spread of disinformation, keep voters informed and keep elections free and fair.

Download the Indian Election Case Study

Learn how we tracked misinformation during the biggest democratic election on Planet Earth.

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From fact checking to Social Network Analysis, take a look at how Logically's services can help you to achieve your business goals.

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Learn about how we use Extended Intelligence to separate facts from falsehood and bring balance to today's fractured news ecosystem here.

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