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At Logically, we believe in transparency, accountability and trust



Logically’s mission is to reduce and eventually eliminate the harms associated with mis- and disinformation.

We are proud supporters of free speech and oppose censorious approaches to individual expression online. However, where misleading and deceptive online discourse causes societal damage, we believe it needs to be identified and addressed.

We have built industry-leading products and services to tackle harmful mis- and disinformation at scale. Our offerings are designed for use by private and public sector organisations, governments, and civil society groups, among others. We provide our services only to clients who meet the highest standards of integrity and ethics.

We are a verified signatory of the IFCN’s code of principles, and as such, we hold ourselves to the standards set by that organisation. This includes a commitment to non-partisanship and fairness, transparency of sources, and transparency of funding and organisation.

When assessing any potential client opportunity, we apply the following standards:

  • We won’t enter into any contract which would be incompatible with the principles of enhancing civic discourse, protecting democratic debate and process, and providing access to trustworthy information.

  • We won’t enter into any contract where there's a reasonable likelihood the client would use the information that we find to cause undue harm to any person or group, or threaten to undermine the human rights of any person or group.

  • We will not engage in any partnership which would undermine our commitment to political non-partisanship.

  • We will ensure that all commercial contracts include a specific, limited and targeted scope within which our products and services are licensed for use, agreed between Logically and the client. Any violation of those terms will result in termination of service.

We also apply the following standards for our employees:

  • We require our fact-checking staff to disclose any potential conflicts of interest that may arise in working on any project and also to determine in advance whether working on a project might undermine our reputation for non-partisanship.

  • All our fact-checking staff are required to complete a declaration of personal interests before they start work at Logically.

  • All staff members at Logically are also obliged not to conduct any activity which might unduly damage Logically’s reputation, which includes damaging our reputation for non-partisanship.

  • All staff members agree to abstain from standing for any political office, publicly supporting any politician or party, or expressing on social media any interest in, affiliation to, or association with any political party, political candidate, or politically aligned movement.


A robust ethics review process underpins this approach to ensure that any new contract is aligned with these standards. No project can pass our internal ethics review until reviewers unanimously agree that there is no conflict of interest that might undermine our commitment to non-partisanship.

Our Company

Our values are our guiding principles and drive everything we do at Logically


TheLogically (Trading as Logically) is a UK registered company - No. 10850644. Check our records at Companies House here.


Logically was founded in 2017 by Entrepreneur, Engineer and CEO Lyric Jain


Lyric was named Enterprise CXO Leader of the Year in the CogX Awards 2021.


Lyric Jain remains the only person with significant control of Logically.

Logically's Current Investors

In March 2022, Logically announced the completion of a $24 million funding round led by growth investor Vitruvian Partners.

The round also included investment from the Amazon Alexa Fund and existing seed investors XTX Ventures, the venture capital affiliate of XTC Markets, a leading global algorithmic trading firm, and the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund (NPIF - Mercia Equity Finance), managed by Mercia Asset Management PLC. Logically initially secured funding from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) through an investment grant which supports student founded businesses.

Logically CEO and Founder Lyric Jain has also invested in the company using personal savings, as has Lyric's family businesses.

Our Structure

We are accountable, fair and trustworthy


  • Research
  • Development
  • Maintenance of Technological Capabilities.


  • User Experience
  • User Research 
  • Graphic Design
  • Interface Design


  • Product Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Product Support
  • Resource Management



  • Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Analytics
  • Outreach


  • Fact-Checking
  • Investigations

Our Offices

We look forward to hearing from you


Brookfoot Mills, Brookfoot
Industrial Estate, Brighouse,
HD6 2RW,

Leeds UK

Suite LG3, LG4 & LG5
One Embankment Neville Street,
Leeds, LS1 4DW

London UK

4th Floor, Cap House
9-12 Long Lane,
London, EC1A 9HA

Mysore INDIA

First floor, No. 177, Phase I,
Hebbal Industrial Area, Mysuru,
Karnataka 570018

Bangalore INDIA

91 Springboard JP Nagar 175&, 176,
Bannerghatta Main Rd, Dollars
Colony, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Virginia USA

1201 Wilson Blvd,
VA 22209

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