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Taliban are forcibly taking the people of Panjshir into custody.

Tajuden Soroush claimed that the Taliban detained young men in a viral video, but there is no credible evidence that the detainees were from Panjshir.

Tajuden Soroush claimed that the Taliban detained young men in a viral video, but there is no credible evidence that the detainees were from Panjshir.The Taliban took control of Afghanistan in August 2021, prompting hundreds of civilians to flee the country. Since the group's takeover, social media has been filled with photos and video footage of the prevailing situation, which can be difficult to verify at times. One such footage claims to show Talibani members pushing at least four men into car boots. Many social media users have perceived this viral video as Panjshir men being apprehended without any convincing evidence.

Iranian correspondent Tajuden Soroush claimed the footage was sent to him and was shot in the Salang Wat district. The Panjshir Valley has a long history of resisting the Taliban and is one of the many communities targeted by the Taliban. BBC published an exclusive article based on executions by the Taliban in the Panjshir Valley. At least 20 civilians have been murdered in Afghanistan's Panjshir Valley, which has experienced combat between Taliban and opposition troops.

Yalda Hakim, Anchor and Correspondent at the BBC, tweeted, "The Taliban told the BBC based on our report they will launch an investigation." She went on to say that Human Rights Watch has informed her that the BBC article is based on a pattern of such executions that they have documented. Human Rights Watch also retweeted the post.

Reuters reports that Michelle Bachelet, the Chair of the United Nations Human Rights Council, said credible evidence proved major Taliban atrocities in Afghanistan, including executions of civilians and Afghan security troops who had surrendered. Independent United Nation's human rights experts stated in a joint statement that many people were underground while the Taliban inspected homes door-to-door and seizing properties. BBC News reports the Taliban has denied that civilians are being targeted.

To summarise, there is insufficient evidence that the individuals in the video are Panjshir residents. It's also unclear when or why these men were taken into custody in the first place.

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