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Lionel Messi has fewer goals against the La Liga top five than Eibar Goalkeeper Marko Dimitrovic in the 2020-21 season.

Lionel Messi has scored just once against the top five teams in La Liga, the same as Eibar Goalkeeper Marko Dimitrovic.

Lionel Messi has scored just once against the top five teams in La Liga, the same as Eibar Goalkeeper Marko Dimitrovic. On January 21, 2020, in a La Liga match against league leaders Atletico Madrid, Eibar goalkeeper Marko Dimitrovic took a penalty and scored a goal. Eibar was awarded a penalty in the twelfth minute, which the goalkeeper scored. However, Atletico's Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez scored two for the visitors, and Atletico went on to win the match 1-2.

Ever since Eibar's goalkeeper scored the penalty against Atletico Madrid, people started criticizing Lionel Messi for his lack of goals against the top five teams this season. Apart from Messi's Barcelona, who sits second in the league, league leaders Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, Sevilla, and Real Sociedad are the other four teams in the top five this season.

FC Barcelona has played five games against the top five teams and has three more fixtures left against them for the season at the time of writing. Even though Messi had not scored a goal against La Liga's top five when the Eibar goalkeeper scored against Atletico Madrid back in January 2021, he scored in the 0-2 win against Sevilla in the 85th minute of the game on February 27, 2021. Thus he has the same number of goals as goalkeeper Marko Dimitrovic against the top five in the La Liga this season. Lionel Messi has so far played in 24 matches for FC Barcelona this season. Despite being goal-shy against the top five, he is La Liga's leading scorer with 19 goals and six assists.

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