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Trump campaign files federal suit in Michigan to block results from being certified.

Trump’s campaign has filed a lawsuit alleging voter fraud, however there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the United States.

Trump’s campaign has filed a lawsuit alleging voter fraud, however there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the United States. The US Presidential elections were held on Nov. 3. More than 100 million Americans voted this year through mail-in ballots. At the same time, some choose to vote directly on election day. Democratic nominee Joe Biden was called as the President-elect days after the election day. US President Donald Trump has not conceded and has falsely claimed widespread voter fraud without providing any evidence. He and his close aides have made false allegations about conspiracy after losing some of the key battleground states.

Trump's presidential campaign has filed a lawsuit of 234 pages of affidavits citing multiple witnesses accusing election misconduct in Michigan, including harassment of Republican poll challengers and a requirement that they adhere to six-foot distancing rules unlike Democratic poll challengers, and counting of ineligible ballots. Many people have submitted affidavits describing alleged misconduct in the voting, focusing on the Democratic stronghold of Wayne County, which includes Detroit. The complaint also said the election results should not be certified without confirming that all votes were correctly counted.

Though in some of the affidavits, individuals have claimed they were not allowed to enter ballot-counting rooms, it was because that the number of poll watchers from both parties had already exceeded the legal limit allowed in the room at one time. That is why those individuals were not allowed entry, and both Democrat and Republican poll watchers were not allowed to enter.

Legal experts have said the litigation is unlikely to result in Trump getting a second term in the White House, reported Reuters. There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud, as claimed by the Republicans. Moreover, Michigan law does not guarantee unlimited numbers of challengers unlimited access to counting facilities, and it permits people to register to vote all the way up until Election Day, leaving workers to add their names to the poll book during the tally.

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