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Chinese soldiers are gathering on the Canadian border readying for invasion of the United States.

Local and Canadian officials said that there are no Chinese soldiers deployed in western Canada.

Local and Canadian officials said that there are no Chinese soldiers deployed in western Canada. According to a post, which originated from Hal Turner's website, claims that a 2019 agreement between China and Canada permits China to station its troops in Canada. The post further states that using that permit, thousands of Chinese soldiers have gathered in Canada in preparation for an invasion in the United States. However, the Canada-China Promotion and Reciprocal Protection of Investments Agreement (also known as the Canada China FIPA) bilateral investment treaty was signed in 2015 by Canadian Prime Minister Harper and became effective Oct. 1, 2014. There is no recorded troop placement in that agreement.

Meanwhile, some of the videos have been posted with a caption that 'Chinese military trains on Salt Spring Island, Canada,' but it has nothing to do with the agreement signed between China and Canada and there is no evidence that troops have gathered there. Furthermore, such military mobilizations are more likely to be monitored and reported rather quickly.

Hal Turner's website has been caught spreading alarmist disinformation in the past, including a claim in Dec. 2019 that the Virginia governor had ordered plans to cut off electricity, telephones, and internet communications ahead of statewide gun confiscation during the new year.

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