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Migrants did not flock to the U.S borders during Donald Trump's presidency.

Thousands of migrant caravans from Central America had flocked at the U.S border during Trump’s administration.

Thousands of migrant caravans from Central America had flocked at the U.S border during Trump’s administration.Donald Trump had pushed for strict measures against illegal immigration, both on the U.S.-Mexico border and elsewhere. The Trump administration solely focused on stopping the migrants from entering the U.S, mostly from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and parts of Mexico.

Migrants generally flee from their homeland to escape from the economic depression, climate change, poverty, violence, and other aspects.

The Trump administration had forced the Central American countries to sign safe third country agreements that would not allow migrants to apply for asylum in the U.S unless they first seek refuge in neighboring countries. For those who made it to the border, the Trump administration separated children from their parents while processing them.

Despite these restrictions imposed by the administration, migrants were trying to enter the U.S from Mexico's northern border. In 2018 two buses filled with about 130 migrants consisting of women and children in larger numbers had arrived at a migrant shelter in Mexicali, the U.S border city. The group was sheltered at Tijuana, a border city where the groups intended to apply for asylum in the U.S.

In the same year, another set of more than 7000 migrants had reached the U.S-Mexico border after traveling more than 2500 miles from Central America. The migrants were placed in temporary shelters in Tijuana and Mexicali. The group mainly constituted Hondurans and others from Guatemala and El Salvador. Further, the New York Times had reported that mass migrations had become an annual rite as several hundred caravan members set off from Tapachula, Mexico, during the Easter week of 2018.

In its analysis report, Pew Research Center has stated that the number of migrant apprehensions at the U.S.-Mexico border had risen in fiscal 2019 to its highest annual level in 12 years.

Hence, we mark the claim as False as official figures confirm that migrants flocked at the U.S. borders despite the Trump administration's warning and stringent restrictions.

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