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In Uttar Pradesh, three women were given anti-rabies injection instead of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Three women in the late 60s and early 70s were given rabies vaccine when they went to get a COVID-19 vaccine in Kandhla, Shamli, Uttar Pradesh.

Three women in the late 60s and early 70s were given rabies vaccine when they went to get a COVID-19 vaccine in Kandhla, Shamli, Uttar Pradesh.The incident was discovered after one of the women experienced dizziness. She showed the slip, which was given at the community health center, to a private doctor when she went to see him. Her vaccination prescription had anti-rabies written on it. On April 09, 2021, a pharmacist was fired, and the medical director of the community health center was given a show-cause notice after the district Magistrate ordered an investigation.

One of the women, identified as Anarkali, stated that she went to get a vaccine against COVID-19, but the officials gave her a dog bite vaccine instead, and she began to feel giddy. Jasjeet Kaur, district Magistrate, Shamli, confirmed the incident and said the affected women are in their late 60s and early 70s. The three women identified as Saroj (70), Anarkali (72), and Satyawati (60) after returning from a Community Health Centre fell slightly ill. Kaur said that they stood in line at general OPD and said, "tika Laga do" [get us vaccinated], instead of approaching the COVID-19 vaccine OPD.

An investigation has been requested, and the Sub-Divisional Magistrate and Additional Chief Medical Officer asked to submit their reports at the earliest. Ms. Kaur said action would be taken against the erring officials.

A pharmacist at a government health center was sacked, while another was suspended, and the community health center's in-charge, Rambir Singh, was transferred in connection with the case, according to an order issued by District Magistrate Jasjit Kaur on April 14. On the basis of Sub-Divisional Magistrate Udav Tripathi's inquiry report, these officials were charged with negligence.

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