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In a 1978 book written by Narendra Modi, he has mentioned the incidents that landed him at the Tihar jail for demanding the liberation of Bangladesh.

Modi's imprisonment has been mentioned in a note on the back cover of a book published in 1978, but a detailed narrative is not available.

Modi's imprisonment has been mentioned in a note on the back cover of a book published in 1978, but a detailed narrative is not available.Prime Minister Narendra Modi took part in the 50th National Day Celebration of Bangladesh. Incidentally, the polls were scheduled on the next day in West Bengal. He addressed the gathering and reminisced his 'satyagraha' for Bangladesh's Liberation in the 1970s. He recounted that he was imprisoned in Tihar jail for his participation in a protest that was held in 1971 for supporting the independence of Bangladesh.

Several BJP leaders and journalists tweeted the back cover of the book 'Sangharsh ma Gujarat,' penned by Narendra Modi in 1978. The blurb at the back cover of the book, in the last line, described the incident of him going to the Tihar jail for taking part in the protest. However, the online version of the book available on narendramodi.in does not have the same back cover, and the blurb in the recent version is distinct.

The Wire reported that Gujarati speakers who read the 2000 edition of the book quoted that the book made no mention of the event. It is only mentioned, in passing, as part of the then young author’s achievements in the author’s bio note printed on the back cover.

Further in a book written by Andy Marino titled “Narendra Modi: A Political Biography,” published in 2014, mentions the arrest of Modi for participating in the sit-down demonstrations supporting the Bangladesh solidarity movement.

Based on the above evidence, we mark the claim as Part True as there is no concrete evidence to verify Narendra Modi's arrest or origin of the content of the book's back cover.

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