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Around 40 Shramik trains have lost their way and reached somewhere else rather than their destination.

71 trains were diverted to a new pre-determined route to avoid congestion, and they did not get lost.

71 trains were diverted to a new pre-determined route to avoid congestion, and they did not get lost.Railway Board Chairman Vinod Kumar Yadav clarified that Shramik Trains were not lost. He said that these trains had to be redirected as many trains were headed towards Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, causing traffic congestion on these routes,

Yadav also said that a train could 'never get lost'. The drivers do not decide which route the train would take, and cannot switch to another route or an adjacent track.

He pointed out that of the 3,840 trains operated since May 01, only four trains have taken over 72 hours to reach their destinations. 90 percent of the trains ran at greater speeds than the normal mail/express trains, and only 1.8 percent of trains were diverted.

Trains from western India with destinations in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are a major source of congestion, as trains from Central Railway and Western Railway converged there. Normally it takes around 90 minutes to cross these sections, lately, trains were taking up to four hours.

Destination states for which the trains were diverted are Bihar(51), Uttar Pradesh(16), Jharkhand(2), Assam(1), and Manipur(1). Originating states for these trains are Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Rajasthan.

Correction: A previous version of this fact-check stated this to be Misleading. We have updated this to include a wider range of reputable sources and conclude this to be False.

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