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A BJP worker was killed by the local booth President in Dubrajpur, West Bengal.

Following a statement of late Pratihar Dome's widow, police detained BJP booth president Dulal Dome. But Dulal's involvement in the case is unclear.

Following a statement of late Pratihar Dome's widow, police detained BJP booth president Dulal Dome. But Dulal's involvement in the case is unclear.Pratihar Dome, 37, a BJP worker, was discovered dead in Dubrajpur, Birbhum, on April 6. He had been summoned from his house in Fakirberia village the night before, but his body was found by the pond's edge in neighboring Jhowdanga hamlet the following day. When the police attempted to transport the victim's body for post-mortem via ambulance without a number plate, the villagers retaliated by demanding the offender's arrest. Along with the residents, some BJP officials joined the agitation.

The Bengali Indian Express reported that the police and CRPF could bring the situation under control by firing tear gas rounds. Two persons were hurt in the attack, including the police station's OC, when the body was recovered. Based on allegations made by Jayshree, wife of killed BJP activist Pratihar, police detained BJP booth president Dulal from the hamlet on April 6.

The Times of India reports that Police superintendent Meeraj Khalid said, "On the basis of the complaint of the deceased's wife, we have detained a person. The post-mortem report will also unravel the mystery of the death to some extent."

It further said that BJP supporters claimed the police used the victim's wife to target the BJP president. Local BJP leaders alleged he was assassinated in the same manner as previous BJP supporters in West Bengal. Bhola Mitra, the Trinamool leader in Dubrajpur, claimed that his party had nothing to do with the BJP activist's killing. A BJP internal fight could have caused his death.

According to the Hindustan Times, the BJP booth president threatened to dismiss the victim from the saffron party at a meeting on April 5. He received a call from him the same night and then departed the house, never to be seen again.

We categorize this claim as unverifiable because Dulal's detention was based on a single allegation, and no other investigation reports exist to back up the claim that he killed Pratihar.

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