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Baghpat's Muslim doctor hid his religious identity and impregnated a fellow nurse.

A nurse has accused a Muslim doctor of hiding his religious identity, impregnating her and forcing her into marriage in Uttar Pradesh's Baghpat.

A nurse has accused a Muslim doctor of hiding his religious identity, impregnating her and forcing her into marriage in Uttar Pradesh's Baghpat.Neetu Yadav, a staff nurse in a private nursing home in Baraut town in Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh has accused a fellow doctor of raping her for seven months after promising marriage. According to an OpIndia report, the nurse had levied an allegation that doctor Akram had allegedly hid his religious identity while befriending her, as well as the fact that he was married and already had two sons.

According to a report by Navbharat Times, the doctor got into a romantic relationship with the nurse and then put up a condition of religious conversion for getting married to her.

The woman had alleged that that the doctor claimed that he had separated from his wife and proposed to marry her. He had been in a physical relationship with her for past seven months, leaving the woman six months pregnant. She further accused that he even made an intimate video with the woman and would blackmail her and show her the video, whenever she brought up the topic of marriage. The woman said that after she got pregnant, the doctor tried to force her to abort the child. When she refused, he allegedly beat her up and forced her to convert to Islam.

She further alleged that when she met the doctor’s wife on Nov 17, who kicked her pregnant belly and also tried to induce abortion. This worsened her health, and she somehow managed to escape and reached the police station to file a complaint.

The woman has further alleged that the Muslim doctor had prepared a fake Nikahnama (marriage certificate as per Sharia, the Islamic law).

As per the Navbharat Times report, the woman was initially married in 2012 to another man and later got divorced.

After the woman filed the complaint, Baghpat police released a statement which was shared on their official Twitter handle. Superintendent of Police Abhishek Singh said that the ‘nurse met him and claimed that the woman’s husband forced her to get converted’. The police official said that they have arrested the couple on the basis of the allegation levied by the nurse.

However, the claims made by the nurse are allegations and are yet to be proven in the court of law. Therefore, the claim can only be termed as partly true.

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