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Indian government warned that Chinese firecrackers and decoratives lights are being used to spread asthma and eye ailments in India.

Indian government never warned about the dangers of Chinese crackers or ornamental lights. It is fake news that China is supplying harmful crackers.

The India-China relationship has always been unstable. There have been instances of high tension and conflict on both sides. False or misleading social media posts about China have been observed as the festive season approaches in India. China is a well-known exporter of a wide range of goods to India. An assertion said Chinese firecrackers and decoratives lights are being used to spread asthma and eye ailments in India. Furthermore, it claims that the Ministry of Home Affairs(MHA) has warned Indians to be cautious. The post alleged that the Pakistanis could not attack India directly, so in response, they are taking aids from China. Consequently, it claims during India's festive season, which includes Diwali, Dussehra, and Christmas, China intends to flood the Indian market with firecrackers and colorful lights laced with hazardous ingredients that might harm a person's health. On research, it was found that MHA or the Indian government made no release regarding the post. Furthermore, the fact checking department of the Press Information Bureau(PIB) on Twitter raised a fake warning on the post. It informed the citizens not to share false messages. Previously in November 2020, the same message was circulated, and PIB had flagged it. Similar fake news has also been flagged by PIB, claiming that India has boycotted Chinese goods and stopped people from buying them. However, in India, few states have banned firecrackers concerning the pollution rates. Further, the Hindustan Times reported on October 6, the Supreme Court will decide on the plea by the Environment Ministry regarding the use of green and improved fireworks during Diwali. But there are no reports regarding Chinese firecrackers and decoratives lights containing harmful substances.

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