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The doctor who conducted protester Navreet Singh's autopsy said that he died of a bullet injury.

Although The Wire reported that the deceased protestor's family said doctors claimed there were bullet marks, it remains unverifiable.

Although The Wire reported that the deceased protestor's family said doctors claimed there were bullet marks, it remains unverifiable.

As farmers’ tractor rally across Delhi on Jan. 26, 2021, turned violent, it left hundreds of police personnel injured and claimed the life of a farmer.

Navreet Singh, a 24-year-old protesting farmer from Uttar Pradesh’s Rampur, died following injuries from his speeding tractor ramming into a police barricade and overturning, according to the post mortem report.

The report, prepared at the Rampur District Hospital, after an autopsy on Jan. 27, concluded that the “cause of death is shock and hemorrhage as a result of antemortem head injury.”

But Singh’s family claims to have seen a gunshot wound - a hole in Singh’s jaw and one just above his ear, close to the skull, reported The Times of India. Speaking to TOI, Singh’s grandfather Hardeep Singh rejected the autopsy report, saying, “I know he died of a bullet injury. I saw the body. I don’t trust the autopsy report”.

While speaking to The Wire on Jan. 29, the deceased protester’s grandfather said that the family cremated Navreet’s body peacefully after the doctors told them that they clearly saw bullet injuries. However, the final autopsy report didn’t have any mention of the bullet marks. He further claimed that the doctor told them that “he could do nothing, as his hands were tied”.

A report in the Guardian quotes doctors who reviewed the evidence and claim that the “photographic and video footage of Singh’s body, as well as the post-mortem report, indicate he suffered an injury consistent with at least one fatal gunshot wound through the head”.

The report further claims that the witnesses filmed at the scene also allege that “Singh died after police shot at him, as he drove his tractor through the barriers”. They say Singh’s tractor only overturned “after he was hit with a bullet”.

However, at present cannot verify the claims made in the Guardian report or the claims of the family members of the deceased. Therefore, the claim remains unverifiable.

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