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French Boneshaker, English Penny-Farthing, and Rover Safety Bicycle were the three most famous kinds of bicycles.

Boneshaker, Penny-Farthing, and Safety Bicycle were the most popular bicycles.

Boneshaker, Penny-Farthing, and Safety Bicycle were the most popular bicycles. Boneshaker is the first bicycle to have front-wheel pedals and was also sometimes known as the first Velocipede. The name boneshaker comes from the fact that they were incredibly uncomfortable as they were hard to control and shakey, with a stiff frame and wooden wheels with iron tires.

When the Penny-Farthing, also known as the High Wheeler or the Ordinary, were first released, they extremely popular amongst people. These bikes were easily recognized by their enormous front wheel and tiny back wheel.

The Safety Bicycle was the first to resemble the bicycles we ride today- two wheels of equal size with a similar frame. The Rover Safety was the official alternative to the Penny-Farthing. Marketed as a safer bicycle for regular people, it was a big hit amongst the cycling community and was a big factor in creating many women cyclists.

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