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Think Logically

How AI Helps Us Fact-Check in a Crisis

During the Russian invasion of Ukraine, social media was flooded with false or misleading claims – some deliberate, drawn from the Russian disinformation ecosystem; some half-reported rumors; and some misunderstood or misattributed photos and...

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Double Check

Double Check: Is Google's AI Sentient?

Last week, as you may have noticed, the news started to feel a bit like the start of that movie Her where Joaquin Phoenix falls in love with a chatbot voiced by Scarlett Johansson  – when Blake Lemoine, an engineer associated with Google's LaMDA...

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Editorial Policy

Logically employs the world’s largest team of dedicated fact-checkers. We digest news stories, rumours, and conspiracy theories to help you separate the facts from the fakery in your news diet.

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Logically builds custom software to collect and processes huge quantities of data into invaluable insight. Our technology leverages cutting-edge AI to automatically contextualize information, assess credibility and veracity, and provide tools for reporting and mitigating misinformation and its effects.

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