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Tackling Disinformation during the invasion of Ukraine

Amid the ongoing invasion of Ukraine, disinformation operations are targeting the citizens of Russia, Ukraine, and the world at large, obscuring the truth and propagating harmful false narratives.

Russia’s attack is both digital and physical, and it is all of our responsibilities to ensure access to reliable and verifiable information during such times of crisis and conflict. Logically is working hard with partners to protect the integrity of information circulating about the invasion.

Our Work

As well as working directly with our platform partners to identify and tackle disinformation circulating online, Logically is currently supporting two NATO countries with their response operations during the crisis, providing 24/7 monitoring and threat intelligence services.

We are making our threat intelligence and fact-checking capabilities and resources available to organizations globally who are working to make an impact and contribute to the fight against harmful disinformation relating to Ukraine.

Collaboration in times of crisis is key and please do get in touch to learn more about our resources and current initiatives.

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Our fact-checking team is working around the clock to help debunk misinformation related to the conflict.

Our dedicated fact-checking team are continually conducting in-depth fact-checks relating to the Ukraine crisis, and are supporting civil society initiatives, including the #UkraineFacts initiative with the International Fact-Checking Network.

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Our Responsibility

Access to accurate information during times of crisis is crucial. We all have a responsibility to protect ourselves and our networks from disinformation and propaganda during this conflict by ensuring we are only sharing reliable and verified information online. Logically’s fact-check library is constantly being updated with analysis of the most prominent claims circulating and below are some helpful articles to help you navigate the information you encounter.



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Russia Steps Up Propaganda War Amid Tensions With Ukraine

The disinformation campaign includes claims that NATO and Ukrainian forces are preparing to attack Russian speakers in Ukraine.

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Analysis: How the Biden White House is fighting Russian disinformation

As the United States and Western allies grapple with Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the Biden administration is taking a unique approach to fighting a surge in Russian disinformation and propaganda..

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Telegram founder commits to Ukraine user privacy

The billionaire Russian-born co-founder of messaging app Telegram has told Ukrainian users their data is safe.

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Further information

We’re working with different partners on how to best tackle the disinformation and propaganda being spread during this time. Please get in touch to discuss how we can contribute to any initiatives that can better the quality of information for anyone being impacted by this conflict.