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Public Sector Intelligence

Supporting public sector partners to make the internet a safer place

The Situation

Malicious online activity can inflict real-world damage: it can manipulate public opinion, increase societal, religious, and cultural divisions, and influence elections.

The Solution

Using advanced AI alongside our world-class open-source intelligence (OSINT) expertise, Logically works with public sector partners to tackle the individual, institutional, and societal harms caused by online discourse and to implement scalable, consistent, and explainable platform governance.

Working to create a healthier and safer internet within a regulatory paradigm, Logically is able to identify, analyze, and respond to harmful and misleading online activity and ensure a quick response to malicious actors spreading hate, misinformation, and harmful content at scale and speed.

Where online harm can result in offline harm, Logically works with partners to protect people, assets, and infrastructure from violent threats. 

Our threat intelligence platform, Logically Intelligence, and expert OSINT analyst team can identify and analyze threats and narratives at speed and scale, as well as conduct deep-dive investigations into specific threats, activity, and harmful actors and groups. 

Logically Intelligence
Logically Intelligence

Our flagship threat intelligence platform.


Adversarial Interference

Protecting citizens from disinformation campaigns.

Malicious actors employ targeted influence operations and disinformation campaigns to influence public opinion, sow mistrust, and conduct information operations and psychological warfare. Over 80 countries employ these tactics and the number is increasing. Logically works with public sector partners to identify these campaigns and those creating and amplifying them.

Logically’s technology and expert OSINT team are specialized in conspiracy, rumor, toxicity and hate speech detection, threat intent analysis, similar and inauthentic account detection, impersonation detection, and coordinated inauthentic behavior detection.

Find further information on our national security and defense capabilities here

Discover how Logically has been working with partners to support the integrity of information relating to the Ukraine war

Election Integrity

Safeguarding democratic processes from disinformation and malign influence campaigns.

Domestic and nation-state actors are increasingly attempting to influence voting behavior and election outcomes. They can capitalize on rumors and employ disinformation strategies to create false narratives, sow discord, and undermine democracy. Key areas targeted include misinformation relating to electoral processes and procedures, campaigns intended to undermine voter participation, foreign interference, and real-world threats against election officials, candidates, and election infrastructure.

Logically works with national, state, and regional government bodies to protect democratic processes by monitoring, detecting, attributing, and countering harmful content and activity that threatens election integrity.

Find out more about our work during the 2020 U.S. Presidential elections here.

Find out more about our work during the 2019 Indian elections here.

Logically has identified and helped mitigate threats to numerous elections in the USA, UK, and India since 2017. Find out more.


Public Health

Helping governments monitor and mitigate harmful health misinformation at scale.

Access to accurate healthcare information has never been more important. Logically has played an important role in working with public health partners to help tackle harmful health-related misinformation circulating in the public sphere during the COVID-19 pandemic to protect the integrity of information about COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccines in the public domain.

Logically’s work is expert-led; we collaborate with subject-matter experts to ensure the quality and accuracy of our intelligence and fact-checking processes. Logically Health enables public sector partners, healthcare providers, and specialists to monitor and counteract harmful and misleading health information threatening public health and patient outcomes.

We also provide specialist media literacy workshops and training on how to deal with health-related misinformation.

Find out more about Logically Health can help you here.

Read our investigation into Covid misinformation in the UK here.

Read our investigation into Covid misinformation in India here.

Law Enforcement

Tackling illegal activities online at speed and scale.

Logically can identify and help public sector partners to protect citizens and respond to criminal activities including hate speech and the incitement of violence or extremism, scams, and threats to life and property.

In full compliance of data protection and investigation regulations, Logically’s technology and OSINT expertise can find and attribute such activities at speed and scale, assisting with criminal investigations and risk- and harm-mitigation efforts.

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