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Logically launches new platform to tackle growing issue of disinformation in the cryptocurrency market

Logically launches new platform to tackle growing issue of disinformation in the cryptocurrency market

 Logically, a tech company combining AI and human expertise to tackle mis-and disinformation, is today launching its monitoring platform which will enable investors, institutional traders, regulators and exchange platforms involved in the cryptocurrency market, to identify inauthentic and fraudulent online activity, false narratives, and platform manipulation.

The cryptocurrency market is particularly susceptible to fraud, scams and inauthentic activity that can negatively impact investors, traders and members of the public. With cryptocurrency scammers having stolen over $1 billion from 46,000 people since 2021 according to the US Federal Trade Commission, those involved in the market need a solution that will help them navigate the world of cryptocurrency and get ahead of the challenges it presents.

LI: Crypto is the latest product offering from Logically which last year launched its flagship threat intelligence platform, Logically Intelligence (LI). LI brings together Logically’s capabilities in at-scale analysis, classification and detection to help organizations monitor the online media landscape for the spread of damaging activity and narratives. 

LI: Crypto has been designed to: 

  • Identify narratives on all social platforms: LI: Crypto ingests millions of data sources across open and closed networks, including public channels on Telegram and Discord, to track developing narratives around cryptocurrencies.
  • Discover true sentiment analysis: LI: Crypto analyzes data from millions of sources and applies advanced natural language processing to provide a clearer understanding of true, unmanipulated, market sentiment.
  • Identify inauthentic activity: LI: Crypto monitors all chatter from identified bots on social media to reveal coordinated activity which aims to manipulate coin prices.

Kyle Walter, Head of the US Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) team at Logically comments:

The relative anonymity offered by social media has resulted in platforms becoming the preferred environment for scammers to create false hype about cryptocurrencies, thereby distorting value and misleading investors. This activity can often drive some of the most harmful online narratives in the cryptocurrency space.”



Logically’s Global Head of Product, Joel Mercer, adds:

LI: Crypto is a valuable new offering that leverages the power of our flagship Intelligence platform to bring valuable insights into topics of public interest. The rise of crypto has impacted a multitude of industries. With LI: Crypto, we hope to help customers navigate the digital world of crypto and get ahead of its challenges. 

By harnessing the full power of Logically Intelligence, from discovering networks of inauthentic promotion and influence, to threat signals detection, we believe that LI: Crypto will be a firm shield ensuring our customers keep ahead of the curve.”

LI: Crypto is the first in a series of themed monitoring spaces from Logically which will allow interested customers to track harmful online activity across an array of subject areas. 


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