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Logically launches Logically Health to combat health-related misinformation

Logically launches Logically Health to combat health-related misinformation



We’re pleased to announce the launch of Logically Health; a multi-pronged initiative, designed to help companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare sectors, and public and private healthcare providers, manage harmful healthcare misinformation.


Online healthcare misinformation is causing significant real-world harm and the ongoing Covid-19 crisis has intensified the already pressing need for reliable health information and advice.


Logically Health will provide access to Logically’s threat intelligence platform - Logically Intelligence - as well as the company’s AI-assisted fact-checking service. The initiative will also convene a group of leading healthcare experts to combat health-related misinformation, and establish an anti-misinformation training program for healthcare professionals.


Logically Health will be led by Ashwin Sivakumar, a new appointment to Logically, with a career spanning 15 years in healthcare digital business transformation and marketing. Ashwin has helped many healthcare enterprises adopt new digital business models and will spearhead Logically Health.


On his appointment Ashwin said:

I’m delighted to be joining Logically on its mission to resolutely combat health misinformation. Logically Health is an industry-leading initiative, combining advanced AI monitoring capabilities, a scalable fact-checking service, and key healthcare stakeholders to make a real difference to public health and the healthcare sector. We look forward to working closely with health experts and influencers on this mission to tackle such an important issue.



Find out more about Logically Health here.

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