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Logically launch their fact checking Chrome Extension

Logically launch their fact checking Chrome Extension

Logically has launched their Chrome browser extension; allowing users to analyze and evaluate the credibility of online articles, fact check dubious claims, and highlight toxic comments on social platforms.

Covering more than 100,000 news sites globally, the Logically extension uses AI to assess misinformation indicators and labels the credibility of sources (low, medium, high) and articles (reliable, unreliable) to give users a clearer understanding of what they're reading and stop them being fooled by 'fake news'. The extension also establishes the sentiment of the story and highlights key people, places, topics and institutions behind the headlines to give readers a more immersive understanding of any story. The Related Articles tab allows users to browse and click through to articles on the same topic from different sources to get a balanced view of the topic from publishers across the political spectrum. 

The  International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) accredited organization uses the largest dedicated fact checking team in the world to fact check any claim from any news source for an individual user. Within a specific article, a user just clicks on the Logically extension icon, selects the Fact Check tab, then either selects a claim that has already populated or enters the claim manually. All fact checks returned are evidenced by at least 3 sources/URLs and are shareable to Facebook or Twitter. 

Lyric Jain, founder and CEO of Logically, said: “With the ease of online publishing today, it is becoming harder for people to determine which sources are credible and which aren’t, leading the way for toxic news to travel faster than truth. Our goal is to stop the spread of misinformation by empowering people with tools that help them cope with information overload by assessing the credibility and veracity of sources.  We want to ensure people see both sides of an issue by providing context, and to keep elections fair by providing facts while mitigating threats and influence operations.” 


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