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Forging global tech alliances at the India-UK FutureTech Festival

Forging global tech alliances at the India-UK FutureTech Festival

In December, Logically had the pleasure of attending the UK India Future Tech Festival. The festival brought together business, government and civil society to tackle shared challenges and drive forward collaboration.

During the conference Logically’s Founder & CEO Lyric Jain took part in a panel discussion on tech-led transformations - sharing Logically’s aims of using extended intelligence to create a better news ecosystem. The company has close ties to India and is currently expanding its operations in the country; making multiple hires in a number of prominent Indian cities.

Festival attendees explored areas such as big data, privacy and where our data will be in 100 years time. They also discussed the role of artificial intelligence in healthcare, gender diversity in the field and a whole host of other topics in a diverse range of areas and disciplines.

Lyric Jain - Founder & CEO of Logically

Logically had the opportunity to brief the media on the Logically platform’s features as well as upcoming projects for the new year. This includes a ground-breaking journalistic collaboration which aims to tackle the threats of misinformation and ‘fake news’ in the biggest democratic election on the planet - the 2019 Indian General Election. In a country of 1.3 billion people, speaking 22 major languages, written in 13 different scripts; anti-misinformation efforts can be complex, to say the least. The FutureTech Festival allowed Logically to connect and partner with a number of journalists and organisations in preparation for the mammoth task to come in April (more information coming soon).

The FutureTech Festival was a profoundly eye-opening summit which showcased the pinnacle of technological development, exploring its ethics and paving the way for further bilateral collaboration.    

The Logically team would like to say a massive thanks to Shruti Gehenwar (Deputy High Commission), Divya Divakaran (Department of International Trade) and Shivangi Ambani (Department of International Trade) for making the trip possible.

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