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Platform Trust & Safety

Keeping users safe and mitigating risks

The Situation

Harmful posts on social media can spread rapidly across platforms and jurisdictions, reaching millions of users in a short period of time.

The Solution

Logically works with platforms to ensure quick responses to inaccurate, harmful, and inauthentic posts, accounts, and activity — supporting platform content moderation efforts and the enforcement of platform trust and safety policies at scale.

Through the application of our state-of-the-art technology and expert human reviewers, Logically helps platforms and organizations enforce their terms of service and protect users.

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AI-assisted Fact-Checking

By leveraging our dual-pronged approach to fact-checking, we can detect and classify misinformation at speed and at scale, with IFCN-accredited contextual expertise. Logically empowers platforms to respond and intervene to potentially misinformative or toxic content quickly before it has the chance to proliferate.

Our fact-checking services combine human and artificial intelligence to:

  • Identify, triage, and prioritize unique fact-check-worthy claims or potentially misinformative claims
  • Conduct and evidence (privately or publicly) independent assessments to determine veracity and risk
  • Map and attribute misinformation trends and posts as they travel across platforms
  • Identify repeated occurrences of previously fact-checked claims in text and multimedia.

Detect and Respond

Logically’s extensive cross-platform, multilingual, and multimodal monitoring capabilities enable our partners to identify and prevent harmful activity or coordinated inauthentic behavior.

Our social media intelligence platform and team of experts are able to identify cross-platform risks, emerging threats and trends across major and fringe social media platforms.

Logically can provide monitoring, in-depth analysis, and alerts to partners. This includes general mis- and disinformation analysis, signals of specific threat actor activity, trend data on specific topics such as climate change, and coverage and analysis concerning sensitive events such as elections.

Visit our fact-checking page to learn more about our fact-checking methodology and to meet our Fact-checking Team.

Watch this video to learn more about our work with social media platforms

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