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Logically Intelligence

Monitor The Online Media Landscape Like Never Before

A threat intelligence platform that brings together Logically’s capabilities in at-scale analysis, classification and detection to help governments and organizations monitor the online media landscape for the spread of damaging activity and narratives

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Who it helps

Governments and Public Sector Entities

On the impact of mis and disinformation on democratic processes e.g. elections or important public messaging e.g. public health

Private Sector Organisations

On protecting their own brand reputation or the integrity of their own communications campaigns and channels.

How it helps

Monitoring and Analysis

Empowering you to map and assess relevant emerging narratives, themes and associations, that allow you to detect potential issues before they become widespread.

LI covers and proactively assesses areas of both open and closed networks that are publicly available, providing you sufficient time for actions against real world threats.

Customisable dashboards

A dashboard displaying all potentially problematic online activity based on your specific areas of concern associated with the company, campaigns or areas of significant interest.

The monitoring covers publicly-available, multilingual content from digital and social media channels across the world.

Actionable insights

In-depth insights into which demographics or communities are being targeted and reached by coordinated narratives and campaigns.

LI provides not just monitoring capabilities to demonstrate there has been an issue, but also tools to do something about it.

Scale and nuance combined

Our combination of both advanced AI and human reviewers provide the best of both worlds: sophisticated technology that can monitor, identify and track content at scale; and highly trained human fact checkers and investigators who can provide nuanced analysis and detailed investigations into campaign origins.


A suite of countermeasures to tackle problematic content, including priority flags / takedown notices to platforms and deep dive investigative reports into high priority issues identified by our systems.

Why are we different?

Logically Intelligence is one of the only threat detection platforms that brings together the actions that identify, analyse and counteract threats all in one place.

Our exclusive and intensive focus on misinformation and disinformation means we are industry-leading experts in this increasingly complex ecosystem, which is distinct from general cyber security risks and requires a bespoke response.

LI provides the best of both worlds: sophisticated technology that can monitor, identify and track content at scale; and highly trained human fact checkers and investigators.

LI brings together all relevant information, analysis and countermeasure options into customisable dashboards, giving dedicated client teams 24/7 full oversight and access to real time monitoring and countermeasure deployment.