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Logically Intelligence®

Investigations and services

We combine artificial intelligence with human
expertise and dedicated customer support. 

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Logically combines advanced AI with a dedicated in-house team of OSINT analysts, data scientists, fact-checkers, and specialist partners. These specialists work alongside our technology products to help customers detect, assess, and act on emerging threats

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Managed Services 

All of our customers receive comprehensive onboarding and training to help offer a range of threat intelligence and fact-checking services, with integrated feedback loops managed by our expert technical teams. Some benefit from additional support to maximize the capabilities of the Logically Intelligence platform.

Our dedicated client engagement team provides the following: 

  • Full setup
  • Onboarding and training
  • Account management and customer support
  • Regular check-in with our client engagement team
  • OSINT & Analytical support


Expert Investigations

Our in-house specialists and partners can investigate specific threats or narratives detected on Logically Intelligence or elsewhere. Our teams of OSINT analysts, data scientists, and fact-checkers can provide: 

  • Tactical analysis and reporting
  • Flash reports
  • Strategic analysis and reporting
  • Investigations
  • Narrative detection & analysis
  • Point of origin determinations
  • Inauthentic or coordinated campaign mapping
  • Ad-hoc fact-checking


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